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Kristin C. Iron Road

I am a wife and mother of four beautiful children. God is good. He has given me inspiration from my family to pursue my education. I have completed all three programs: the medical assistant program, Associates Degree in Allied Health and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration. I have worked as a certified medical assistant at a local hospital for 6 months. I then went back to school to get my associates degree. After completion, I continued my education to get my bachelor's degree. After graduating, I faced some personal challenges hindering me from employment but through perseverance I start to see progress. I worked part-time as a homecare assistant. After several months of being a homecare aid. I was interviewed and offered a position at the local city college and work under the dean as her Administrative Assistant III. The courses offered at Charter College has given me the tools and skill set I need to initiate independently on work projects, confidence to handle situations in a professional manner and work effectively to achieve tasks in my work environment. I am honored and appreciative of Charter College Staff who continue to encourage me to challenge myself and strive to achieve and improve in all areas of my life. It all starts with education. Having my educational background from Charter College has opened many opportunities to desired job positions. Working for the City College in Montana, I have the opportunity to inspire others to pursue their education as well. I am part of stewarding students, projects that impact positive change, leadership and humility to serve others. Charter College has added to the improvements in my character and career. The experience I gained from Charter College is an experience I can share with my colleagues and students. An experience of inspiration, encouragement, perseverance, education, lessons that help me to this day and being able to share the knowledge that Charter College has taught me.


  • Health Care Administration, B.S.


  • Billings, MT


  • MSUB City College