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Angela Tova Serrano


I have an awesome job as a Center Medical Specialist at a Plasma Donation Center. I am being cross trained to set up the plasma donation machine and disconnect the plasma donation machine; I also am being trained to screen the plasma donors and conduct the physical assessments. I may also receive further training on plasma testing, processing and freezing. I have met a lot of wonderful donors and co-workers. It is truly the most enjoyable workplace I have ever experienced in my entire life. The company is willing to do a lot of cross training and it is a very professional work environment with opportunities for promotion to be a trainer or a supervisor or a quality control technician. The employees also have the opportunity to earn extra money by donating plasma after work. If anyone out there is looking for work as a phlebotomist, I recommend applying for Grifols (BioMat/Talecris Plasma or CLS Plasma or OctaPharma Plasma or KedPlasma!! The Plasma field is a great field to work in as a phlebotomist. You can ask for first shift or second shift as they need employees to cover anywhere from 6am to 9pm seven days a week.


  • Diploma in Phlebotomy


  • Anchorage, AK


  • Grifols Plasma Center (BIOMAT/TALECRIS)