Why Working in an Office is a Good Career Choice

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Working in an office provides value, predictability, work-life balance, camaraderie, and the opportunity for professional development. It has some significant benefits over careers in service, retail, and factories. Are you ready for a change? Maybe a career in a business office is right for you and your future.

Every Business Needs an Office

Behind every successful business is a well-run office that handles the day-to-day paperwork. You might rise from the factory floor to billing or customer service. Or find a job in healthcare, as a medical office administrative assistant. Or maybe you want to work for that retail giant, but in their Human Resources department. With office skills, you could work for corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and school systems. And you can take your business administration skills and work across industries, cities, and states.

Office Work Offers Consistent Hours

If you’ve worked in retail or food service, you know the hours can be all over the place. One day you may work a night shift only to get up early the next day to work a morning shift. You may have to come in on your day off when other employees don’t show up, and you might even have to work on holidays. But when you work in an office, you have a more consistent schedule. Many offices have nine-to-five hours, Monday through Friday, or some sort of predictable week-to-week schedule. This means you can better balance your work and home life.

Dependable Employment from Office Work

Turnover rates in retail and restaurants are very high, while many office jobs provide security, benefits, and consistency. Some areas—such as government employment—are particularly well known for providing good benefits.

Working in an Office Is Not Physically Demanding

Retail jobs can be physically demanding. You lift heavy boxes of inventory, move around fixtures, and stand on your feet for long periods of time. Waiting tables and working at a factory can require you to stand for your entire shift. If you don’t want to be on your feet all day, an office setting may be a better fit for you. In an office, you will sit for much of the day behind a desk and at a computer. Your physical exertion will be much less, but there should still be time to get up, collaborate with colleagues, and stretch throughout the day.

Transferable Skills from Office Work

Office work helps you develop a set of business skills that can transfer to higher education and more advanced careers. Understanding the Microsoft Office Suite, for example, can be valuable in a current or future role. You also learn how to work with a team and independently. And you will develop organizational, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. All of these skills can benefit you in any future position, in any office setting.

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