Why the National Healthcareer Association Exams Are Important

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The National Healthcareer Association (NHA), a competency assurance organization with a 30+ year track record, offers several nationally recognized healthcare certifications. When you pass a National Healthcareer Association exam, you prove your knowledge and skills and attain a credential that can set you apart from other healthcare professionals. It validates your skillset as a professional. It shows employers that you’re at the top of your game—and it can give you the confidence to go after your dream job. Here are a few reasons why you should consider NHA certification:

National Healthcareer Certification Can Give You a Competitive Edge

All healthcare professionals need minimum training and credentials to work in their specialty, but not everyone has certification through the NHA. With certification on your resume, you stand out from the competition. Employers value skills you may have acquired through training, but they also place a high value on NHA certification. According to the NHA’s 2020 Industry Outlook, 75% to 93% of employers require or encourage certification for the eight allied health professions NHA offers. Even those who don’t require it may look with favor upon job candidates who have National Healthcareer Certification. 

Improve Your Professional Portfolio with NHA Certification

You can list certification on your resume, add it to your professional portfolio, and boast about it in a job interview. When you’re asked why you’re the best candidate for a job, you can talk about your knowledge and experience. But your NHA certification does some of the talking for you. When you tell a potential employer that you’re familiar with the latest industry trends or are competently skilled for the job, they’re likely to believe you because your certification provides proof. 

You Could Earn More Money with NHA Certification

A professional certification may also increase your earning potential. According to the NHA, 63% of employers say they increase pay when an employee earns a professional certification. Earning a credential in addition to your healthcare training could also help you bargain for a raise or promotion when you’re ready to move up the ladder. 

NHA Certifications Is Nationally Recognized 

No matter where you live or what health organization you work for, your credentials will be recognized by employers across the U.S. The NHA is a national organization with certifications accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), which means their exams meet industry standards. This recognition can help boost your credibility among employers, co-workers, and other members of your professional network. 

NHA Certification Can Build Confidence

A national certification can boost your confidence in your skills and demonstrate your ability to work in the healthcare industry. And that may provide you with an added incentive to pursue any job you want, and to give it your all once you are hired. 

How can you sit for the NHA exams? Enroll in a healthcare training program that incorporates certification preparation into the curriculum. Charter College offers a variety of healthcare programs that teach you critical skills for your chosen profession and help prepare you for certifications. Request more info today.