Why Soft Skills Are so Important for Your Career Success

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It’s not just your career training knowledge, and experience that will help you build a great career.  Soft skills represent up to 85 percent of your job success. Do you have them?

Employers Always Look for Communication Skills

Good communication skills always rank among the top traits employers look for in new hires.2 Your ability to communicate your ideas and accomplishments will help you appear confident and knowledgeable to your colleagues and supervisors. And your listening skills ensure that you understand your assignments so you can do what’s expected of you.

Integrity Helps You Stand Out Before and After an Interview

No one wants to hire an employee they can’t trust. But did you know that you can give clues about your integrity before you even start on a job? When you overstate your responsibilities on your resume or appear insincere in a job interview, it sends up a big red flag. Be proud of your career and life accomplishments but don’t claim to be something you’re not.

Strong Work Ethic Can Lead to Promotions

If you work hard and always bring your A game to any endeavor, you’re just the kind of person a company would want to hire and promote. Prove your work ethic by including examples on your resume where you went above and beyond what was required. Maybe you were singled out as an employee of the month or led a successful fundraiser at your church. Whatever you’ve done that took time, effort, and dedication demonstrates to employers what they could expect of you in the future.

Positive Attitude Makes It Easy to Overcome Adversity

A great attitude means you’re willing to take on challenges and overcome obstacles. You believe you can accomplish whatever you set out to. Who wouldn’t want you on their team? Your optimism is infectious!

Professionalism Is the Most Important Soft Skill

Whether you work in a law office that demands formal dress or at a company that’s all about casual clothing and attitudes, you still need to behave professionally. Come to work every day, on time, ready to do the best job you can. Be respectful to your clients, your coworkers and your supervisors. Be the kind of employee that’s an awesome reflection of a great company!

Charter College can provide you with career-focused training in business, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, paralegal studies, social media, veterinary assistant and the trades. And our career service officers will help you hone your soft skills so you’ll become the kind of employee companies would love to hire.