Why It’s Important to Regularly Update Your Resume

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During the job hunt, your resume is the most important document you present to potential employers. You polish it, proofread it, and submit it with dozens of job applications. You even bring printed copies along on interviews. But as time moves on and you settle into a new job, it’s easy to forget all about your resume. What you should remember is that your resume is always important, even when you aren’t searching for a job. You should update it at least every six months to keep it fresh and ready for the next opportunity. And if your role changes sooner, be sure to take note of your new responsibilities to include on your resume right now.

Even if you’re not in the midst of a job hunt, you never know when a new opportunity might come along. And when that happens, you don’t want to start from scratch or try to remember all that you meant to add. Here are 3 reasons it’s important to update your resume on a regular basis:

1. Recruiters Could Pass You By

If you’ve made your resume public or searchable on online job boards, you never know when a recruiter could contact you about an open position. An outdated resume could give recruiters the wrong impression and you could miss out on potential opportunities. When someone contacts you and asks you to apply for a job, you want to be ready if the position sounds like a fit for you.

2. You Want to Ask for a Raise or Promotion

Maybe a new position has opened up in your workplace, or maybe it’s time for you to ask for a raise. Either way, you need to have a polished and updated resume to help you get what you want. Your boss will need to see what new skills you’ve acquired and what you’ve achieved to consider you for a raise or promotion.

3. You Need to Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Your resume can help you keep track of important accomplishments at work, the certifications you earn, and the new skills you learn. The longer you wait to update it, the more likely you are to forget something important. If you update your resume regularly, you can include important achievements that you might want to highlight in your cover letter. And when you make updating your resume routine, it will be easier each time you do it.

How to Refine Your Resume

Writing a resume can be a challenge, but updating a resume is much easier. It just requires a little attention to detail. Add in the new achievements first, section by section. Is your most recent employer listed? Did you earn new certifications or take continuing education classes? Did you learn a new software, online tool, or coding language?

Once you’ve updated each section, think about what new sections you may need to add. Did you start to volunteer with an organization that gives you relevant experience in your field? Were you honored with any awards or accolades? Have you joined an industry association or given a presentation at an industry event? Did you provide service to your own organization by sitting on a search committee or streamlining internal processes? Whatever you’ve accomplished, add it now.

Finally, take a moment to trim out what might not be relevant. For instance, if you’ve earned an associate degree and are working toward a bachelor’s degree, don’t list your high school diploma. If your list of work experience is lengthy, cut out your first job or the positions that are least relevant to your current field.

Updating your resume takes a little bit of time, but it’s worth it in the long run—just like your education. A certificate or degree can help your resume stand out and prepare you for a new career. At Charter College, we offer a variety of programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, and the Trades. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.