Why Is the Dental Office Morning Huddle So Important?

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Before you start to welcome patients into the dental office as a Dental Assistant, you and the rest of the staff will meet for the morning huddle. It’s a daily team meeting that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. It’s a great opportunity for your team to prepare for the day ahead and to discuss important issues that could impact patient care. And it is a critical component to quality patient care.

Benefits of the Morning Dental Huddle

Why is the morning huddle so beneficial? It fosters the kind of open communication that makes sure everyone on the team is on the same page, focused on one important outcome: high quality dental care and patient responsiveness. During the day, especially when you have a steady stream of patients, your attention is on the task at hand. That means there may not be a lot of chances to communicate with your boss or even your co-workers. The morning huddle allows everybody the chance to ask questions, express concerns, and relay information to the rest of the team. Here are a few topics your morning huddles should cover:

  • Schedules—Review the day’s patient schedule and discuss possible updates or changes. You may also want to discuss the previous day’s schedule and any issues you may have encountered, such as patients not showing up or double-booked appointments. If an employee needs to request a day off or cover for another employee, this is a good time to discuss the work schedule as well.
  • Goals—What are your daily and monthly goals? Do you strive to improve your customer service? Do you want to increase your monthly patient total by 10 percent? Whatever goals your office targets, discuss the steps your team takes to achieve them and the progress you’ve made.
  • Patient care—Patient care is the top priority in a dental office. Have your patients left feedback or asked questions about the office that should be discussed with the team? It’s important to discuss ways you can improve your patient care, or even how you can expand on what you do well.
  • High-Fives—The morning huddle is also a great time to acknowledge people on the team who do an outstanding job. When individual members receive thanks in a public forum, it lets them know they’re appreciated and also shows others what they might aspire to achieve.

From time to time, you can also discuss your marketing goals. Does your office want to start a blog or participate in a community event to attract more patients? You can also discuss personal achievements and milestones, such as upcoming birthdays or earning a professional license. If you can find ways for your team to connect during the morning huddle, you can make the meetings more interesting and build a sense of camaraderie.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Morning Huddle

Even though the morning huddle is quick, it can be helpful and productive. Here are some tips to jazz up morning meetings:

  • Give everybody a chance to lead—If the same person leads the meetings every day, it can become a burden for them and boring for everyone else. Assign each member of the team a specific day to lead so you all can take turns.
  • Give everybody a chance to speak—Leave the last few minutes of the meeting for open discussion. You can leave the floor open for anyone to speak, or you can go around the room and ask individuals if they have anything to share. This is a great opportunity for your team members to share those fun things like birthdays or engagements, but to also address concerns, ask important questions, or share new ideas. You’ll also make your team members feel valued when they have a chance to speak.
  • Be prepared—If everyone can join the discussion, this means you can too. Be prepared for this and for the meeting in general. Bring your schedule, a list of questions, or even a pen and paper to take notes if you need them.

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