Why Is Customer Service So Important for Pharmacy Techs?

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When you think about a career working in a pharmacy, you might think of the science and medicine surrounding it. But being a pharmacy technician involves a variety of tasks, and providing great customer service will be one of your most important responsibilities.

Here’s why customer service is so important if you become a Pharmacy Technician:

You’ll Communicate with Customers a Lot

As a pharmacy technician, a significant part of your job involves customer service. You will most likely be the person who replies to emails, answers the phone when customers call, and greets them at the counter when they drop off or pick up a prescription. In fact, you might be the only person in the pharmacy who a customer talks to throughout their transaction. Sure, you’ll ask them do you need to speak to the pharmacist? But if they don’t, they’ll be on their way.

You’ll Provide Information and Answer Questions

Since you’ll be the main person who communicates with a customer, it’s important that you know what information they need and whether you or the pharmacist can provide it. You’ll want to be clear and friendly as you speak with them. For example, it will be up to you to make sure the customer knows when to expect their prescription to be ready, whether they will be notified, and how so. But if they ask specifics about the medication itself, or how it works, you’ll need to make sure they speak with the pharmacist.

You Don’t Know How the Customer Feels

No matter how you feel about the reason a customer is there, it’s not your place to judge, and you need to be sensitive to their feelings about their medications. The customer might feel nervous, confused, or even embarrassed about their prescription. Some illnesses still carry stigma but regardless of how you feel, your job is to put your customer at east. Your customers might also feel frustrated or confused over the cost or insurance coverage. Explain what you can to the best of your ability and treat every customer professionally with compassion and kindness.

The Pharmacy Will Get Busy

There will be times when the pharmacy line gets long, or it feels hectic. Customers might get frustrated or impatient. This is another time when your great customer service skills will come in handy. You’ll need to stay calm, positive, professional, and friendly. Try not to get stressed. Acknowledge or apologize for any long waits when necessary. All of these actions will go a long way to help most customers stay calm and understanding as well, and will help them leave feeling like they received good customer service, despite a longer-than-usual wait.

You’ll Be the Face of the Pharmacy

When people think about the experience of getting a prescription, they tend to think of pharmacists more than pharmacy technicians. But pharmacy techs play a big role in keeping the pharmacy running smoothly and efficiently. You may actually represent the pharmacy in a more direct way than the pharmacist. Keep this in mind anytime you communicate with customers over the phone or in person. You are the face of the pharmacy, and how you interact with customers will have an impact on their overall feeling about that pharmacy, and whether they want to continue to have prescriptions filled there.

If you want to help provide great customer service in a healthcare setting, a career as a pharmacy technician is one option. Fill out the form to request more information on how to train for this rewarding entry-level career.