Why Are Online Programs So Popular Right Now?

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You probably know that online programs are popular, but did you know that almost 7 million college students have taken online classes? And that was before we were struck by a global pandemic! Online programs are popular because they offer a convenient and flexible way to learn new skills and acquire important knowledge and they can be a safe alternative to in-person learning during the pandemic.

Online Programs Became a Necessity

Already popular before the pandemic, online programs became the only way to learn for a while during the pandemic. Especially for people whose health make them more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, the online option is critical. But learning online is also helpful if you can’t get to a campus because your children are learning remotely, and someone needs to be home with them during the school day. You can learn while they learn.

Online Programs Continually Improve

The quality of remote learning is better now than it was 10 or even five years ago. The role of the instructor has shifted from solely a teacher to more of a guide for students as you explore course topics. And as technology improves, so does the online classroom. Now you can use digital tools such as video conferencing and online discussion groups to improve your learning. There are online whiteboards and notes and all kinds of online learning tools that can help you succeed.

Online Learning Is Convenient and Flexible

Even before the pandemic, online classes offered more convenience and flexibility to learning than a traditional classroom. You can learn from home, when and how it suits your life. You don’t have to worry about travel to and from campus, and you don’t even have to worry about what you wear! You can complete your coursework from home, on the bus, in the coffee shop, or wherever you have dependable Wi-Fi. Because you won’t have a set class time, you also have the flexibility of planning your schoolwork around your job, appointments, and family time.

Online Courses Can Save You Money

You do not need to drive or ride the bus to campus. That saves you time and money. Online programs often use open-source resources so you don’t have to pay a lot of money for text books. And a few online programs make sure you have the right computer by providing you with one! At Charter College, we believe you can be successful in your online program. That’s why if you enroll in any online program (with the exception of CAD), we provide you with the computer—for free.

You’ll Have Fewer Distractions in an Online Setting

The distractions in a live classroom can make or break your academic success. If you’re easily distracted, an online program can be a great alternative to traditional learning. But you need to prepare your online learning space. Make sure it’s school-focused and free of distractions to help you focus on your schoolwork.

There Are a Variety of Online Course Options

Because online programs have become so popular, colleges have continued to add more of them to their remote rosters. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right program that will help you succeed in your field or enter a new one. Charter College offers online programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, and Applied Technology for the Trades.

Online Classes Help You Gain New Skills

We live in a tech-savvy world that has become even more digitized thanks to the pandemic.

So when you take classes online, you’ll not only learn the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in your chosen field, but you’ll also become more skilled with technology—something that any employer can appreciate.

At Charter College, we can provide you with all of the skills that employers look for through our online classes. Call us today at 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to lean more.