What Type of Degree Do You Need to Start A Business Career?

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You can get your foot in the door of a business career with a basic understanding of business principles and training in some of the technologies that help run modern companies.

Have you ever considered these programs that could help you start your business career?

Certificate in Business Office Administration: Certificate programs can teach you about how businesses operate. Discover the importance of organizational charts and learn about professional business communication and practices. A good program will introduce you to relevant business topics like accounting, human resources, project management, and effective leadership strategies. You should also learn how to use business software like the Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration: An AAS program can enhance what you’ve learned in a certificate program. More in-depth, AAS programs provide you with significant coursework in personnel training, management and evaluation. You’d learn to understand the sales cycle and be introduced to higher level management employee evaluations. You would also be introduced to business law and ethics.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration: Whether you’re already working in business or just starting out, a BS in Business Administration tells other professionals that you’re serious about your career. You could learn about strategic planning and implementation, data driven decision making and international business practices. A good BS in Business Administration program will also teach you about entrepreneurship in case you’re dreaming of starting a business of your own someday.

If you’re interested in pursuing a business career, Charter College has the business programs that can help you get started. Give us a call today to learn more: 888.200.9942.