What Traits Would You Need to Become a Data Analyst?

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Data Analysts look at business data, like sales numbers and profit projections and then connect them to see what’s happening in an organization and an industry. Then they use all that information to find ways for the company to do things better and reach important goals. Most importantly, they translate all that data into plain ‘ol English. Does this sound like a job you’d be interested in? Check out some of the most important traits you would need for the role.

What Traits Make an Ideal Data Analyst

You’re a Creative Problem Solver 

A key part of the job is to use creative thinking to brainstorm ways the company can utilize your data and analysis to improve the way it does things. If you’ve always love puzzles and are bored with doing things the same way every time, you might have the brain of a Data Analyst. Do you?

You’re Curious

Combine that creativity with a healthy dose of curiosity and you will be better equipped to think up great questions that dig deeper into the issues and challenges facing your company. That curiosity can help you think of better answers and push you to build analysis around issues that may not be obvious to everyone else. Ultimately, this helps you learn more about the business than others might know, and could increase your value at the company.

You’re Computer Saavy

As long as there has been data, there have been people to analyze them, but computers changed everything! Technology is central to a career as a Data Analyst. There are software programs that you’ll need to know that will be specific to your industry, but others that will help you no matter where you work. If you feel comfortable working with technology, and also jumping into new systems and applications, you might be cut out for the job.

You’re an Effective Communicator

Are you really good at getting your point across? As a Data Analyst, you will need to translate your technical understanding of complex concepts into simple language that laypeople and colleagues in other departments of the company will understand. You might do this by giving presentations or using charts and graphs to explain your findings. Or you might just sit down and have a conversation.

You’re Great at Math

Some basic understanding of math concepts is a must if you’re going to be working with numbers, charts, and graphs. This will be your chance to finally put those equations you learned in school to real-world use, applying them to business challenges and opportunities.

You’re Interested in Statistics 

Do you love sports stats? While certainly not a must for a Data Analyst, if you enjoy breaking down sports stats or have other interests where statistics come into play, that’s a sign you might find being a Data Analyst rewarding. After all, that in-depth analysis is what the work is all about. It’s even better if you can find patterns and trends and recognize when irrelevant information should be tossed out.

Interested in a Career as a Data Analyst?

Do these traits sound familiar? Then a career as a Data Analyst might be one you’ll want to consider. Find out how Charter College can help lead you to the path of success in this field or another one in IT. Check out how to attain your bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems today.