What to Look for in a Career Advisor and Where to Find One

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You can have a really clear vision of what you want your future to look like, but in the blink of an eye that vision can become blurry. A career advisor can help you see things more clearly. They can show you the way to advance in your current career, or even guide you into a whole new industry. If you’re in need of advice, here’s how to find a career advisor who could meet your needs.

What Is a Career Advisor?

A career advisor or coach is someone to help you plan for the career you’d like to have. They can help you set and refine your goals, find job opportunities, make connections, and identify weaknesses in your current career trajectory. For example, they might suggest that you incorporate more networking into your search or strengthen your career portfolio. Your career coach can workshop your resume, walk you through a mock interview, or help you craft an eye-catching cover letter.

What You Should Look for in a Career Coach?

What type of person would you like to work with? From the start, you need to get along. You also need to believe that this individual will have your best interests in mind. They should have knowledge and experience and also the traits of a great coach:

  • Motivational—If your career coach can’t inspire you to take action or build new habits, they aren’t much of a coach. Find someone who motivates you and helps you feel hopeful and confident about your future.
  • Good Communicator—You should find a coach with whom who you can open up, someone you feel comfortable with. This person should also be a good listener and able to help you connect your goals to an appropriate career path.
  • Supportive—Without a support system, it can be difficult to make changes in your career. Whatever obstacles or problems you may face, your career coach should be there to encourage and support you.

Where You Should Look for a Career Advisor?

So where do you find a career coach? If you’re enrolled in school, start there. Many colleges offer Career Services to students and alumni and it’s usually free. And they hire people who know how to coach students to success. You don’t even have to worry about vetting them because your college has already done it for you!

Another place to look are professional associations. Their websites allow you to search for career coaches based on location or their certifications. Once you find a coach who seems like a good fit, you can reach out to them via the contact info provided on their profile. The benefit to professional associations is that you already know their coaches are certified. But here are a few other considerations if you’re thinking of hiring a coach:

  • References: In your initial email, ask for a few references that you can contact. You’ll want to know what it will be like to work with this coach and if they can get you the results that you desire.
  • Price: Some coaches charge per hour or per session, and others offer special packages and deals for several sessions. Decide what you’re willing to pay, what fits your budget, and whether you can afford it, before you hire someone.

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