What Kind of Entry-Level IT Job Would You Like?

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The great thing about technology is that there’s always so much going on. New developments occur almost nonstop. Tech changes our day-to-day lives. That means there are plenty of IT options and opportunities out there that might fit your career goals and personal interests. But first you need to have an idea of where your unique talents might fit into the bigger picture. Ask yourself these questions to help you discover what kind of entry-level IT job might be best for you.

Do You Enjoy Puzzles and Problems?

Job you might like: Computer support specialist

Computer support specialist is a good job if you have an analytical mind. You will be on the front lines of IT, where you will test computer systems and respond to help center requests. Troubleshooting is a big part of this role. You will need to step up if files get deleted, Wi-Fi networks crash, or hardware malfunctions. Errors do happen, after all. But it will be your job to address those errors, to diagnose the issues, and recommend solutions. Problem solving is at the heart of this role, and each request someone submits to the help center is like a puzzle for you to solve.

Do You Enjoy Organization and Design?

Job you might like: Database administrator

Database administrators organize, store, and secure personal and private information. You may help develop and build the database. But you will definitely need to know how to navigate it, run queries and searches, and conduct regular maintenance. Because of the nature of the data, a basic and general understanding of security measures is important. You do not want to be responsible for compromising financial records, personal documents, or company secrets. Installing upgrades, patches, and bug fixes will ensure your database operates securely while still nimbly enough to perform the tasks you need it to, like customer service requests, lead generation, or data analysis.

Do You Enjoy Teamwork?

Job you might like: Systems analyst

Some people thrive in small group or team settings. The collaboration and communication that happens gets those creative juices flowing. If you’re a team player, you may make a good systems analyst. As a systems analyst, you will work for a company and examine its systems for ways to make them more efficient and more effective. Your specific work will depend on your organization, but you can expect that it will be strategic and involve more co-workers. Consultation is a big part of the role so it is important to hone soft skills like communication so you can convey any questions or concerns to your team and customers.

The tech world has so many opportunities for success. For someone like you, who wants to combine your personal interests with your professional goals, Information Technology may be a great career path.  Charter College offers IT training programs that will help open doors for you in IT that align with what you want out of work and out of life. All you have to do is ask yourself: what kind of entry-level IT job would I like? Request more information from Charter College today to learn more about our IT degree programs.