What Jobs Can I Get with a B.S. in Business Administration?

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Business administration is a popular career focus for a variety of reasons. A  B.S. in Business Administration program has many benefits. It can teach you what you need to know to be an important part of a business team. It can help you develop practical, relevant, real-world skills. And business leaders and assistants will always be needed to help all kinds of companies run smoothly, effectively, and profitably.

Another bonus to a business degree is its versatility. There are plenty of settings you can work in and positions you might hold with a B.S. in Business Administration. If you’re wondering what you can do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, here are just a few examples:

1. Sales Representative

As a sales representative, you would help facilitate the sale of goods and services. You would also keep track of inventory, talk with customers about the product, answer questions, and keep track of purchases. You might work for a big company that sells products directly to consumers or enter a sales training program and learn how businesses sell to other businesses.

2. Compliance Specialists and Managers

If good ethics in business is important to you, being part of a compliance team might be a role you would enjoy. Compliance specialists and managers help ensure that the company’s policies and guidelines are followed. They assist with compliance reports and try to alleviate risk of violating policies and laws. They also pay attention to broader rules and regulations that might affect their industry. People who know the rules and the importance of obeying them are valued across fields. You might find work in private companies, nonprofits, or even government agencies.

3. Market Research Analyst

Did you like marketing? That’s all about promoting the business you work for. As a market research analyst, you’d help identify the people who might want to buy what your company sells. You’d study demographics—what a population is like—to gain insights on how to get their attention. That information can then be used to determine how the company and its products should be advertised and promoted. And in today’s digital world, that could be on internet sites and social media platforms.

4. Financial Analyst

If you’re good with numbers, you might want to work in bookkeeping or as a financial analyst. Understanding financial reports and how profits and losses affect a bottom line will help you help company leaders make smart decisions when it comes to money. As a financial analyst, you’ll probably pull reports and gather financial data. You might help analyze the numbers, looking for patterns and trends, to help the financial team come up with models that can predict the outcome of their business decisions.

5. Human Resources Specialist

If you’re a people person, HR is where you’ll want to be. In this role, you would help screen, interview, hire, and train new employees. You’d help integrate them into the company. You would explain compensation and benefits, manage payroll, and deal with daily personnel issues. HR specialists also are the go-to people when people have complaints or concerns, so you’ll need a right mix of empathy and adherence to rules to help keep employees happy in their roles.

No matter what path you want to head down, a B.S. in Business Administration can provide you with a solid start. At Charter College, our degree completion program can provide you with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for business administration in the public, private, or non-profit sector. You’ll hone your knowledge and skills in project management, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, and more. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.