What Is a Degree Completion Program?

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Sometimes life gets in the way of your education. You start to take classes but then a major life event, such as moving, having a baby, or caring for a sick family member, makes it necessary for you to step away from college. The good news is that the work you began doesn’t need to be wasted. You put a pause on your education, not a hard stop. If you decide to resume your education, you may be able to apply the credits you’ve earned toward a new degree through a degree completion program.

How Does Degree Completion Work?

The benefit of a degree completion program is that it allows you to finish what you’ve started, without starting from scratch. To begin at square one, it could take you years to earn a degree. But with a degree completion program, you can earn one in much less time, depending on what program and degree path you choose.

Another benefit to degree completion is that while some programs are still offered on campus, many are now taught online. An online degree completion program gives you flexibility and convenience. You can set your own schedule and attend classes when it’s best for you. If an in-person format was what held you back the first time around, virtual learning can help you stay committed to your education on your second chance.

What Credits Will Transfer to My Degree Completion?

You don’t have to complete your degree at the same institution you started. You can transfer credits from one college to another. But which credits might transfer will depend on the school and the program. If you continue with the same type of program, you may be able to pick up where you left off, but before you commit to any college program, find out what will transfer.

Also, you can only transfer credits for classes that you’ve passed. If you’ve earned anything less than a “C,” you’ll may be required to take the equivalent class again. Credits for specializations or technical courses may not apply either.

How to Choose a Degree Completion Program

When you’re ready to resume your education, ask yourself a few questions about the college:

  • What Degrees Can You Earn? Make sure the college includes the degree you want as part of its completion program.
  • Is There an Expiration Date on Credits Earned? Some programs won’t accept credits that were earned long ago. Find out from how far back they’ll accept college credits.
  • Is the College Accredited? Accreditation ensures that the curriculum is on par with industry standards, and it also enables the college to accept financial aid.

If you’re ready to complete your degree, contact Charter College today. We offer degree completion programs in Business, Health Care, and the Trades. And they’re online to better fit your busy schedule. Fill out the form to learn more.