What Can You Do with a Computer Information Systems Degree?

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A computer information systems degree can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for a variety of IT jobs. Because you learn how to install hardware and software, the basics of network planning and maintenance, and how to research the latest trends in cybersecurity, you could find work as a computer systems or information security analyst, or any of these other tech jobs: 

Computer Systems Analyst with a BS in Computer Information Systems 

As a computer systems analyst, you look for improvements and efficiencies in a company’s computer systems. For example, you might recognize that the computer storage capacity doesn’t meet user needs. You might suggest that the company move files to the cloud, uninstall unused apps or software, or upgrade to newer computers with greater storage capacity. You may also research the latest technology trends, recommend new software or system upgrades that could improve efficiency, and provide a cost-benefit analysis to justify new purchases. Demand for computer systems analysts is projected to grow much faster than average through the next decade. 

Information Security Analysts Are in High Demand 

Another job in extremely high demand is that of an information security analyst. In this role you’re like a digital bodyguard, protecting an organization’s computer networks and systems from the threat of security breaches and hackers. You monitor the infrastructure daily for potential risks and test the security protocols that your IT team has in place. If a vulnerability is found, you look for solutions and make recommendations to the team that could enhance current security. When a hack happens, you go to work with the rest of the IT team to uncover the source, recover any lost data, and find new solutions to prevent future attacks from occurring.  

Ethical Hacker Jobs with a Computer Information Systems Degree 

As an ethical hacker, you put on the hat of a cybercriminal. Your job is to identify weaknesses in an organization’s computer security system before the real hackers do. You test the system by trying to gain unauthorized access to it, much as a cybercriminal would. Then, you report any weaknesses, such as broken authentication or insecure data, to the IT team and help them find ways to fix them. To be successful in the role, you need to stay up to date on cybersecurity trends and incidents of hacking to better understand how cybercriminals think. 

Tech Support Specialist Career Options 

Not everyone in your organization is as well-versed in computers as you are. Whether you work in business, healthcare, or education, the staff will have many computer-related questions and problems that need to be solved. When they do, you could be the person that they turn to. As a tech support specialist, you field incoming questions via email and instant message and provide the right answers. For example, you might need to help an employee reset their password or recover a document that was lost in a shutdown. You might be asked to replace broken printers, reboot a computer, or troubleshoot a bad network connection. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the role of a computer support specialist will grow faster than the average over the next 10 years. 

If you’re interested in pursuing any of these careers, a degree in computer information systems can help you get there. At Charter College, we offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that can help you prepare for entry-level positions. Our program can be completed online for your convenience and flexibility. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.