What Is Business Management All About?

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If you’re thinking of a career in business, you’ve probably heard about Business Management. But what does that mean? And could it be right for you? Business management is about the day-to-day operations of an organization, how everything works individually and together. It includes leaders at the top of the organizational chart, heads of departments, and all the other people that help make things run well.

If this sounds interesting to you, you’ll want to understand some of the Business Management components:

Leadership in Business Management

A primary function of Business Management is the actual management of an organization. That includes people, products, and resources. Whether you’re in charge of a business, a department, or even just a few people, you need to demonstrate good leadership skills. Your team will look to you for direction, and you’ll need to know how to inspire and motivate them to achieve the company’s goals.

Human Resources

Human Resources, or HR, is the part of a business that handles staffing, compensation, benefits, health and safety, and more. If you worked in this segment of Business Management, you might be involved in hiring and training new employees. You might be required to teach them about company policy and help them understand their benefits package. You may also assist with employee evaluations. And if things start to go wrong, you may need to document grievances and prepare a case for dismissal.

Customer Service

Whether you work for a nonprofit, small business, or a major corporation, you’ll have customers or clients. Providing good, effective customer service is critical if you want to keep the people you serve happy and coming back to your organization time and time again—and you do. If your customers aren’t happy, you won’t be either.

Business Information Technology

Business IT is critical in the modern world. Can you name even one company today that doesn’t use a computer? Probably not. Technology helps with every business function from production to distribution to communication. If you work in Business Management, you’ll need to understand some computer basics, including programs like those in the Microsoft Office Suite, and then programs that are specific to your industry. For example, if you worked in healthcare, you’d need to know how to use Electronic Medical Records.

Business Communication

Effective business communication is critical to an organization’s success. In a time when we share information so much via text messages, emails, and apps, sometimes with people around the world, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate the exact message you intend. It’s easy for your intention to be lost and something to be taken the wrong way, in writing or even face to face. To help the company run smoothly and to avoid or solve conflict, you’ll need to have strong, clear communication skills to interact well with your co-workers, employees and customers, wherever they are, however you communicate with them.

Business Law Basics and Ethics

Not every decision in business is an easy one, and every question doesn’t necessarily have an obvious answer. This is where it can be critical to know what legal and ethical issues are common in the business community and how to handle them properly. A strong foundation in business law and ethics can help guide you to reasonable answers even when the situation is challenging.

Marketing in Business

You may work at an organization that employs marketers, hires an agency for that work, or even relies on you to do it. Regardless of the setup, it will be important for you to understand the basics of marketing theory and strategies to determine what makes sense for your organization and why, especially if the marketer works directly with you or you need to implement and evaluate marketing efforts.

If you are interested in gaining and using skills like these, you may be a great fit for the Associate of Applied Science in Business Management program at Charter College. Contact us today to learn more.