What Are TestOut Pro Certifications All About?

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If you want to work in IT, certifications can set you apart from other job applicants. But with multiple IT certifications to choose from, how do you know which ones will really help you shine?

TestOut Pro Certifications were developed to measure your knowledge, abilities, skills and understanding of job-related tasks in the IT field. The TestOut organization has a 20-year track record in the IT certification industry and a team of experts who develop content and exams. As you train to begin your IT career, find a program that will prepare you to take the TestOut exams.

What Do TestOut Pro Certifications Measure?

TestOut Pro certifications don’t just assess what you learn through your coursework. They take it a step further to measure whether you have the computer skills that matter most when you enter the IT field. Skills are assessed through advanced simulation technology, which help determine if you can successfully complete the actual tasks you’ll perform on the job. The certifications measure your competence on four levels including general knowledge, skills-related knowledge, skill performance, and analytical performance.

Which TestOut Pro Certification Exams Can I Take?

There are six TestOut Pro certification exams that measure the skills necessary to be successful in an entry-level IT job including:

  • TestOut PC Pro Exam: This certification will assess if you have the skills required to work as an entry-level computer/IT support professional. Do you know how to install, repair, reconfigure, secure, and manage hardware, software, and operating systems in homes and offices? Since you will interact with clients, it also measures your communication and listening skills. The prerequisite to take this exam is a high school diploma or 2-year degree.
  • TestOut Network Pro Exam: This certification will measure your readiness to start a career as an entry-level IT network professional. The skills on which you’ll be tested include managing hardware and software components, wireless and hard-wired network setup, network security, and other support and maintenance tasks. The prerequisite is a high school diploma or 2-year degree, along with and some field experience.
  • TestOut Security Pro Exam: This certification will evaluate your readiness to work as an entry-level IT security professional in roles like a network administrator or IT security specialist. You will need to be proficient in implementing and maintaining security protocols. The prerequisite is a high school diploma or 2-year degree, along with some field experience.
  • TestOut Linux Pro Exam: This exam is for professionals who work with the Linux operating system such as network and system administrators, data center support specialists, and security specialists.  Along with your ability to use Linux, it will measure your ability to manage hardware and software, manage networks and file systems, and set up new systems.  The prerequisite is a high school diploma or 2-year degree.
  • TestOut Client Pro Exam: This certification will assess your knowledge of the Windows operating system, which is important in most IT roles, including application and desktop support analysts, and application and desktop support professionals.  The exam will measure your ability to install and monitor the Windows operating system, control access for users, and manage hardware.  The prerequisite is a high school diploma or 2-year degree.
  • TestOut Server Pro 2016: Install and Storage Exam: This exam will determine if you have what it takes to manage the Windows Server 2016 operating systems and is for professionals in IT roles such as network systems administrator, systems engineer, or IT systems administrator. The exam will measure your ability to install, configure, and manage tasks in Windows Server 2016. The prerequisite is a high school diploma or 2-year degree.

What Is the TestPro Skills Guarantee?

If you earn a TestPro certification, you will be backed by a $1,000 guarantee. This means that TestPro is so confident that its exams will prepare you for your IT career that it will pay your prospective employer up to $1,000 if they feel you do not have the skills that the certification promises.

At Charter College, we believe TestPro Certifications are top-notch. That’s why we use them. But before you can take a TestOut certification exam, you need the proper education and training. With multiple IT degree and certificate programs to choose from, we can provide you with the resources you need to prepare for your exams and your career!