Top Motivators in a Medical Assistant Career

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Medical Assistants are dedicated professionals on the frontlines of American healthcare. Their jobs are demanding yet rewarding. But have you ever wondered what motivates someone to become a medical assistant? It’s all about passion and compassion. They want to help others, do important work, and feel appreciated. Do you?

Here are some top motivators that might make you say yes to this rewarding profession:

Helping Others as a Medical Assistant

If you feel a duty to help others, you could join the hundreds of thousands1 of Medical Assistants who use their skills, training, and compassion to make a difference in the lives of others. You’ll help patients with day-to-day activities because illness, injury, or age mean they can’t do it for themselves anymore. You might work in a physician’s office, hospital, or an outpatient care center. n assisted care facility or rehabilitation center. Or you might work in a private physician’s office or clinic. Regardless of where you work, what you do will be important to patients and their families. But you’ll also help members of the medical profession. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and specialists are all members of the healthcare team—and you will be too! All of you are dedicated to each other and to the ultimate goal of helping patients feel better.

People Need Medical Assistants

According to government estimates, the demand for Medical Assistants will continue to grow much faster than average through the year 2028. And in a state like California where demand is highest,2 there are lots of opportunities for qualified Medical Assistants to find employment. But why is there such a need for Medical Assistants? Part of the reason is that people live longer. Especially as the Baby Boomer generation ages, there’s more need for trained medical professionals who can help them. There are also more people in the U.S. with chronic illnesses. Some 60 percent of Americans have at least one chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or cancer.3 And they require more care than people in good health.

It’s a Medical Career

Whatever your current job may be, there’s something special about being a member of the medical profession. You’ll help healers and you will know more about human anatomy and physiology than your friends. You’ll be able to take someone’s vital signs, do first aide and assist with medical tests. When you learn CPR, you’ll also know how to save someone’s life! And when you pass your  Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam, you’ll be able to proudly display your certification and highlight it on your resume and in job interviews.

Medical Assistant Training Can Be Completed in Less Than a Year

If you pursue a Medical Assistant career, you could complete your certificate training in as little as 10 months. Your classroom and hands-on training will provide you with the medical knowledge, technical, administrative, and soft skills to begin your career in the field.

Have you ever considered the career of a medical assistant? What would motivate you? At Charter College, our instructors are knowledgeable professionals from the field who are passionate about student success.