Tips for Working in a Busy Office: How to Keep Your Cool

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There are perks to working in a busy office: the days go by quickly and you’ll never get bored. But along with that hustle and bustle can come some stress. If you want to survive and thrive in a modern office, you’ll need some strategies.

Create a To-Do-List of Office Tasks

In a busy office environment, you will probably be responsible for a lot of tasks. For example, if you work in a medical office, you might schedule patient appointments, answer calls and correspondence, handle billing, maintain electronic records, and take office supply inventory to regularly restock. And much of what you do will be recurring tasks. So make daily and weekly to-do lists. Organize your lists by priorities and leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected. Your to-do list will allow you to gauge your day, accomplish tasks in a timely manner, and plan ahead for big projects.

Stay Organized in the Office

Along with that to-do list, make sure to keep your surroundings well-organized. If you spend time looking for something in a cluttered workspace, it will take away from the time you spend on work that matters. Use a filing system in both paper and electronic that works for you where you can quickly access contacts and locate important files. Start organizing even before you get to the office. When you’re organized at home, you get to work on time and start the day less stressed. Start positive, stay positive.

Be a Good Communicator with Coworkers

Poor communication often contributes to stress in the workplace. By not clearly communicating with your coworkers, you may think tasks are urgent when they really aren’t time sensitive. Or you might misunderstand what’s required altogether. When you receive an assignment, be sure to ask when it needs to be completed and what a well-done job will look like. This will help you prioritize and prevent errors in its completion. The same goes for when you ask for someone to assist you. Make sure to clearly explain what you need and when you need it.

Learn to Adapt in the Office

You will perform regular tasks that become part of your daily routine. But you may also have to deal with the unexpected. Being able to adapt is a priceless skill that makes you a more effective administrator and also helps to reduce workplace stress. Even if you consider yourself a creature of habit, you can improve your adaptability. Start with a positive attitude and look at change as an opportunity. Embrace new technology; it can actually help you become more efficient and free up time.  Seek out corrective feedback from your supervisor so you don’t make the same mistakes twice; you’ll master more skills and feel more confident. Keep a positive attitude. Although this may seem difficult in times of stress, it helps to remind yourself that you’re helping your team and building new skills. And stay optimistic. Office work can be a great career choice for you.

Take a Break from Office Work

Did you know that stepping away from your desk can actually make you more productive? Taking regular breaks can increase productivity, help you think more creatively and benefit your mental health.1 A short break can get re-energize you and help you better focus on the tasks at hand.

Stay Healthy in the Office

If you really want to keep your cool and reduce stress at work, it all starts with you. Make sure to eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will improve your physical and mental wellbeing, making you better able to handle whatever comes your way. And when you feel stress building up, don’t forget to breathe.

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