Test Your Knowledge: This Is What You Should Know About Computer Networking

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Computer networks are an important element to how businesses function. They allow computers to communicate with one another across organizations of any size and with others.

If you’re interested in a career in computer networking, here are 5 concepts you should know:

What Clients and Servers Are and How They Work

Servers are computers that hold all of the information about the websites you want to access. Clients are the computers that want the information — like the one you’re on right now. You need to know how servers communicate with clients to provide the necessary information about the site you want to pull up in your browser.

How IP Addresses are Configured

IP — or Internet protocol — help the servers and clients communicate and know where information is requested and coming from. Think of an IP address like your home address, only it’s all numbers. Different parts of the address give specific details about the device’s location, such as where in the world the building is, what state or city it’s in, an area within that city or street, and right down to the exact location.  Devices within a network like servers, routers, security appliances, and switches each have their own permanent number assigned to them by an Internet service provider. This is also known as a static IP address. As a computer network support specialist, you should know about the different classifications of IP addresses.

How to Manage Switches

Switches control the communication between the devices on a network, like computers, printers, phones and servers. They help these devices talk to each other efficiently because they help a device send its message on to the intended recipient, rather than to every device on the network. You should know the difference between a managed network switch and an unmanaged network switch and what the basic commands for them are.

What Routers Do and How They Do It

Routers decide what information is allowed to pass from one network to another and are a crucial part of computer networking. These devices move data packets — units of information — to their destination. They can separate networks into sections, join others together, assign IP addresses and filter messages, and make sure other users don’t breach a private network. You will need to have a firm grasp on the different functions of routers and how they do their work if you want to work in IT.

How Firewalls Protect Networks

A firewall is the software or hardware used to make sure no one can access the network that isn’t supposed to. All local networks need firewall security to prevent attacks and keep data private. You should know the different methods that firewalls can use and how to implement them in a network.

If all this tech talk makes perfect sense to you, then you might want to consider a career in computer networking. Contact Charter College today to learn all about our Information Technology programs.