Shannon Rutschke – A Small-Town Educator Making a Large Impact

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From the time she was a child growing up in Cody, Wyoming, Shannon Rutschke always wanted to work in education. She became a special ed paraeducator and earned her degree in education while working. Soon, she had her very own fifth grade class. She was doing what she loved in a town she loved. But her frequent visits to Billings had her looking at the bigger city with interest. And when she and her husband made the move, she gave up her teaching position.

“After my job as a teacher, I worked in administration for a while, but I realized I missed the interactions with students,” says Shannon. “I knew I wanted to get back into that somehow and continue to serve them.” 

Shannon Rutschke

Transitioning to a New Role at Charter College

After some time searching for a better job fit, Shannon came across a position at Charter as a Campus Community Specialist. While Shannon was more familiar with teaching young children, her new role offered her a unique challenge that she was eager to take on.

Once she joined Charter College’s Billings, MT family, Shannon found a renewed sense of purpose. She could connect with the local community, spread awareness about the institution’s mission, and help students find an education that could lead to a career. 

“My job is to get students enrolled,” explains Shannon, “but I also let them know that we’re here for them every step of the way. Whether they need help connecting to administration, enrollment, or career services, my job is to help in any way I can.” 

Although Shannon works on campus, she connects with students from all over the nation to get them enrolled at the Charter campus that is closest to them or into an online program. She’s an advocate for the school and all it offers, but even more of an advocate for her students.  

“The students become a part of our team. They help us build this positive ecosystem,” she continues.

C4L: A Path for Any Student

One reason Shannon loves Charter College is because the institution is all about student success. And one area where she feels that’s most obvious is the C4L program. This unique offering allows students to earn their high school diploma at the same time while they’re taking a career-focused program. Shannon says C4L is especially impactful.

“C4L is amazing because so many students who haven’t earned their high school diploma can get those credentials while pursuing their career,” says Shannon.

Camaraderie Across Campuses

From the moment Shannon stepped onto the Billings campus, Shannon felt that her coworkers were as dedicated as she is. She says everyone works for the students and they do that through constant communication and cooperation. And that doesn’t matter if she’s talking with someone right next to her or at an entirely different campus.

“Whether I’m 200 miles away speaking to a team member at a different campus I may never meet in person, I consider them my friends. We connect every day, and that helps with the success of Charter College,” Shannon explains.

Watching Charter Students Learn, Grow, and Graduate

For Shannon, the most rewarding part of her job is witnessing the transformation of students as they gain confidence and achieve their goals. She recalls moments of pride during graduations, where she sees students she has helped transition into the Charter network, earn their degree and be on their way to chase their dreams. But Shannon has learned that graduation isn’t always the last time she will hear from some of those students. Since Charter College makes their career services department available to graduates with a lifetime guarantee, Shannon has had more than a few familiar faces reconnect with her and the Charter team. 

Through her dedication to serve students and make a difference in their lives, Shannon is a prime example of Charter College’s mission and commitment to student success. Shannon plans to continue to help students find their calling and have success for years to come. 

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