Is Paralegal a Good Career?

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As a Paralegal, you help clients, lawyers, and other members of the legal team. You play an important role in the justice system and do valuable work that is in demand. Does becoming a Paralegal sound like a good career path for you? Here are a few reasons it just might be:

The Paralegal Field Is Growing

With more than one million lawyers in the U.S., it’s easy to understand why there is such a demand for Paralegals. All those attorneys need help! Employment of paralegals is expected to grow much faster than the average through the decade. And some states are in particular need of Paralegals. California is the top employer of Paralegals and ranks number 3 for highest annual pay.

Paralegals Can Specialize in a Legal Field

Just like attorneys specialize in the type of law they practice, so can Paralegals. What interests you? Criminal law would allow you to assist during prosecution and defense of those accused of a crime. In family law, you might help with adoptions, divorces, child custody hearings, and child support cases. Or you could work in corporate law, conducting research and helping to draw up contracts to ensure businesses remain in compliance with federal and state laws. There are dozens of specialties to choose from. Your Paralegal skills are also valuable in business and government agencies.

Paralegals Follow a Steady Work Schedule

Most Paralegals work a predictable 40-hour work week with weekends and holidays off. As case deadlines and court dates loom, you may be expected to put in some extra hours or work on the weekend but generally you know your schedule and can stick to it.

Paralegals Can Do Freelance Work

If you want even more control over your work schedule, you can take on freelance work. Scroll through job sites, look for interesting work, and apply. You can choose law firms and organizations that spark your interest. During busy seasons, or when other paralegals take vacation, you might step in to provide assistance at multiple law firms. Or you could find steady freelance work at a smaller law firm or legal department that can’t justify a full-time staff member. The benefit of freelance work is that you have more control over your workday.

Paralegals Help Bring Justice to the Community

You may not fight for clients in court, but the work that you do still has an impact. When you show empathy to clients as they provide a statement or find a legal precedent that could position your lawyers for victory, you make a difference. With your help, clients can find peace and justice can be brought to your community.

If you think a career as a Paralegal would be a good fit for you, contact Charter College today. We offer an online Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal that can prepare you for an entry-level job in the field. Classes are enrolling now. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.