Online or Blended Learning: Which Is Better For You?

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If you’ve decided now is the time to go back to school, you’re in luck. Blended learning models can fit your needs and your lifestyle. Instead of relying on an on-campus only format, you can learn online or opt for a blended learning format. Blended learning allows you to learn online and in the classroom. At schools like Charter College, you have some flexibility. You can choose an online program, or find one that couples online learning with classroom instruction.

So how do you know if online or blended learning is best for you? Here are some factors to consider.

Benefits of Online Learning

You Can Learn Anytime Online

Courses that are completely online may be ideal for you if you have children, a full-time job, or a busy life that doesn’t give you a chance to get to campus at all. That’s because fully online programs give you the flexibility to decide when and where you learn. You’ll still have to meet assignment deadlines and take tests, but the online format often lets you decide when you do that work. Youcan focus on your online courses after the kids go to bed, during breaks from work, or even when you have downtime on a vacation — whenever works for you.

Location Is a Nonissue with Online Learning

With eLearning, it doesn’t matter where you live! Your time is valuable. Online learning is convenient. With online learning you can learn when you want and where you want- without the need of commuting. Although location is not an issue, you’ll need a computer with a reliable internet connection and access to whatever software your program requires. Many schools will provide you with access to an IT support team for any glitches along the way. Be sure to utilize them for help. Our helpful tips are also a great resource for online learning success!

Online Programs Can Be Less Expensive

Online learning can prove to be more affordable for some. The added benefit of not needing to use transportation alone can help you to save money while attending classes. Some other places to save money while achieving your educational goals include: the ability to live in less populated and expensive areas and limiting the desire for fast food options during commutes.

Benefits of Blended Learning

You Get Hands-on Experience with Blended Learning

There are some programs, like dental assisting or HVAC, where hands-on experience is invaluable. This is where on-site learning is key. In a blended learning situation, you have the opportunity to take what you learn in your online class and apply it in a safe setting, supervised by instructors who are industry professionals, before you do it on the job.

Blended Learning Connects You with Classmates and Instructors

Online courses often give you the opportunity to collaborate with your classmates or encourage virtual discussions, but in-person networking and collaborating is face-to-face. Once you’ve met your classmates in person, it can be easier to interact with them online. This can help you feel like you’re part of a class with others, even if you aren’t in the same room. If you like that kind of contact with your fellow students and instructors, you’ll probably appreciate a program that gives you some real live face time time.

Blended Learning Establishes a Different Kind of Accountability for Your Work

Did you always do your best work as a kid when you really liked your teacher? You’re not alone. Lots of people just do better when there’s someone they feel they really know telling them to try a little harder, do a little better. You may find it harder to stay motivated when all your classes are online. When you have to show up to a class to learn in-person, it can give you that motivation you need to be prepared and have your work done because you may be called on in class or need to know how to demonstrate a technique.

Now that you know both sides, which one is best for you: online learning or blended learning? At Charter College, we offer both. Check out all our programs and find out how to enroll in a program that works best for you to get you the education you want in health care, business, trades, information technology, or veterinary assistant.