Do Nursing Programs Have Hidden Fees?

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Nursing programs provide you with foundational knowledge, hands-on training, clinical experience, and preparation for licensure. But some programs tack hidden costs onto tuition that come as an unpleasant surprise and unwelcome distraction. You want to concentrate on your studies so you can begin your career! Watch out for these hidden fees before you enroll:

Application and Registration Fees

It’s not uncommon to pay an application fee when you apply to college. Some schools also charge registration fees.

Background Checks

Because you work with patients and very sensitive information, there are some factors that could disqualify you from becoming a nurse. That’s why you must pass a background check to enter nursing school and its cost may be yours.

Books and Software

The costs for textbooks, eBooks, and accompanying software costs can add up quickly. Some books come with online versions that include required practice exams. Ask if your program covers these costs or if it’s on you to do so.

Nursing Scrubs

Just as you’re expected to wear a uniform when you work as a nurse, you will need to wear a specific uniform for school. Most schools charge you for scrubs or will require you to purchase them. And it may sound crazy, but some schools even charge you for the name tag you’re required to wear.

Lab Fees

You spend a lot of time in labs and simulated nursing settings. They offer hands-on training and practice on real-world equipment that is sensitive and expensive. That’s why many nursing schools charge lab fees in addition to tuition.

Lab Supplies

Some tools of the trade that you need to learn nursing include:

  • Stethoscope
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Medical Scissors
  • Blood Pressure Cuff

Will your schools supply these or expect you to buy your own?


Even if you’re a rock star nursing student, there will probably be occasional concepts, procedures, and techniques that take a little longer to grasp. Some schools offer tutoring services—but only for a fee. You want to be supported by instructors who believe in your potential and are willing to provide extra time and resources when you need them.

NCLEX Exam Prep

To practice as a nurse in the United States, you need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). And to pass the exam, you need comprehensive preparation including an understanding of what’s on the exam, sound strategies to pass, and practice exams. And you should not be required to pay extra for this preparation.

Licensing Exam Fee

You are required to pay for the NCLEX exam.

Graduation Costs

The pinning ceremony, cap, gown, and even the pin itself can all be costs tacked on to your nursing school experience.

For many students, nursing is truly a calling. If nursing is calling you, contact Charter College Anchorage today. We offer comprehensive, all-inclusive training for this noble profession. From application to graduation, there are no hidden costs. Once you pass your NCLEX exam, we’ll even reimburse you for its cost if you provide proper documentation and your receipts.

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