New Technology in the IT Industry

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If you’ve ever thought about working in Information Technology, you need to understand some basics of the industry. It’s fast paced and ever evolving. Tech that was considered “cutting edge” just a few short years ago is old news today. And those crazy whatchamacallits that once wowed you have been replaced by even more innovative and efficient devices. But you know what? That new something special will soon be replaced by something you haven’t even thought of. The point is that technology keeps changing.

But here’s what’s happening now:

Cloud Computing

“The cloud” has been one of the biggest buzzwords in IT for the past few years, and it’s only expected to rise in popularity. But what is the cloud? No, there isn’t actually a magical cloud where all your data are stored. But there are computer servers spread all over the country that you don’t have to control or maintain.

If you use email or a social media platform, you access the cloud. Cloud computing allows businesses and individuals to store and analyze data, to create and test apps, and to stream and distribute content. Now there are even hybrid clouds, which offer a mix of public and private settings. So businesses with a lot of data to store may use their own servers for some files, but access the cloud for others. This multi cloud approach is becoming a popular solution as we use more and more data.

Edge Computing

Instead of sending a large chunk of data directly to the cloud, edge computing sends data to a local storage device located on the “edge” of the network before sending it to the cloud. The process allows companies to better manage large amounts of data and decrease the traffic to their network. It also improves response times and saves on bandwidth.

Artificial Intelligence

Long before it was an actual thing, AI was the stuff of science fiction. But now it’s real. When humans teach computers how to draw logical conclusions, that’s a form of artificial intelligence. And whether you realize it or not, you interact with AI every day. Chatbots—those pop-up boxes on websites that ask if they can help you—are a form of AI. Do you listen to a music streaming app? When it learns your taste in music, it’s using AI. And your viewing preferences on Netflix? Again, that’s artificial intelligence at work.

Companies are expected to increase their use of artificial intelligence in product testing and development, the personalization of products and services, and customer interaction. And it’s becoming more sophisticated. Researchers are working to generate less generic responses and how to insert more empathy into these computer-generated responses.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) takes AI a step farther. IoT is a system of interrelated computers and machines that make smart decisions, sometimes even eliminating the human factor. For example, if you’ve ever been very still in a room and had the lights go out, that’s because when the lighting system didn’t detect any movement, it shut off the lights to save energy. All those smart homes that can be controlled remotely are also part of IoT. You can expect the use of these devices to continue to rise over the next few years.


Cyber hacks and ransomware attacks aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s why IT professionals need to be cybersecurity experts. It’s also why they pull from all the tools of the trade to protect you and your apps. Whether you bank online, use a credit card at the pump, or Venmo your friend after the movies, you want all your transactions to be secure.

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