Is Medical Assistant a Good Career?

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As a Medical Assistant, you’re on the frontlines of health care. You carry out clinical and administrative duties for a physician or group of physicians. You aid them during routine patient exams, and you take care of office responsibilities so the physicians can stay focused on patient care. You’re busy, you’re needed, and you’re an important part of the healthcare team. There are a lot of benefits that a medical assisting career can offer, especially if you want to make a difference in the lives of others. Here are just a few:

You Get to Help Others as a Medical Assistant

The reason Medical Assistants do what they do is because they want to help others. If that sounds like you, becoming a Medical Assistant will give you the opportunity for direct patient care and the ability to be part of a healthcare team. You can ease a patient’s fears, make them feel like they’re not alone, and inform them regarding doctor’s orders such as the importance of self-care. Then there’s the part of your job that just makes their lives easier such as scheduling appointments and making sure billing is handled efficiently. Your patients want to get the benefits they deserve, while they get better.

Medical Assistant Employment is Expected to Grow

As Baby Boomers age and require more medical care and current Medical Assistants retire or leave the workforce, the need for more Medical Assistants continues to grow. Employment of Medical Assistants is projected to grow faster than the average through the decade. Even in the wake of the pandemic, interest in healthcare careers is solid. In a January 2021 survey, more than half of teachers asked said that more of their students are interested in healthcare careers since the start of the pandemic.

The Job Offers Variety

As a Medical Assistant, you won’t just have one task to do each day. You may work on the clinical or administrative side of a medical office, or on both. Your duties could range from prepping rooms and patients to being a front-office administrator. Here are some of the responsibilities you might have:

  • Greet patients and help them fill out paperwork
  • File insurance claims and update medical records
  • Order office and medical supplies
  • Prepare patients and rooms for exams
  • Hand equipment to the doctor during an exam or procedure

Places for Medical Assistants to Work

Although the majority of Medical Assistants work out of physicians’ offices, you might also find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, or in chiropractic offices. And if you need to move across the state or the country, your career can easily transfer with you wherever you go. You’ll just need to confirm that your training and experience are transferable to your new location.

A Steady Schedule

Most Medical Assistants are lucky to have a steady work schedule, often working the hours that a physician’s office is open. But if you find yourself in an alternate setting, you might have night shifts or weekend work. Your day-to-day responsibilities will also be consistent. The patients you serve might change, but what you do to help them should remain consistent. You can expect your work life to be predictable and stable.

You Can Start Your New Career Sooner

Are you ready to start a career in medical assisting? Enroll in a training program. At Charter College, you can complete our Certificate in Medical Assistant in as few as 10 months. You’ll be trained by skilled and experienced professionals who can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to find an entry-level job in the field. Call us at 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.