HVAC Tech to the Winter Rescue

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It’s the middle of the winter, a storm is raging, the temps are in the single digits and then BAM! Your heat goes off. Sure you’ll stay warm for a little while, but there’s no time to waste. You need a superhero! Or at least someone who can fix your heat. Enter the HVAC technician. HVAC techs work on heating systems and a whole lot more. They’re experts on air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems and they are in crazy high demand when temperatures are at their most extreme.

When your heat goes out, call your HVAC technician in for a winter rescue.

HVAC techs often work overtime to make sure that you—and your pipes—don’t freeze. They come to you in your hour of need and use their knowledge, skills and training to find out just what’s wrong. First, they’ll ask you some questions about what happened and when you noticed that the heat was off. Then, they’ll probably find out what you know about your heating system and its maintenance.

Once they have some basic information, they’ll get down to work. They’ll check your heating system’s components like its burner, pumps, pipes, thermostats, ducts, vents and filters. Then, they’ll diagnosis what’s wrong and get down to fixing the problem and getting your heat turned back on.

Another important job your HVAC technician does is system maintenance. One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t lose your heat in the middle of the winter or your air conditioning in the summer is to have regular maintenance performed. When HVAC techs aren’t saving the day in an emergency, they’re working to make sure that fewer of those emergencies occur.

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