How Will the New Infrastructure Deal Impact Welding Careers?

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The U.S. Senate recently passed a new bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $1 trillion. If signed into law, the bill will fund the reconstruction of aging roads and bridges, invest in public transit, and improve access to the Internet. It is expected to create an average of two million jobs per year, including jobs for welders.

Here’s how welders might be impacted by the infrastructure bill:

There May Be More Welding Jobs

Even before the infrastructure bill, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted steady growth for welding jobs through the end of the decade. But with this additional stimulus, the field is likely to see increased demand.

More Choices for Welders

While more than 60 percent of welders currently work in manufacturing, the push to repair bridges, tunnels, and roadways may shift the need for their skills to more places. You might work the metal beams that make up the structure of bridges or assist in the creation of dams and the assembly of pipelines under roadways. You might help to replace old and outdated gas pipelines and water and sewer systems. And you might still work in auto plants and equipment factories.

As a welder, you also possess transferrable skills that can move from project to project, and even state to state. Some states and projects expect a major influx of funding from the infrastructure bill. For example, roads and bridges will get about $110 billion in federal funding. And while high population states like California, New York, and Texas will definitely receive much funding, so will states with fewer residents like Montana and Wyoming. If you’ve ever thought about taking your skills to a new locale, now may be the time to make a move.

How Can Welders Help the U.S. Infrastructure?

If you’re a welder, you know that you play an important role in the construction process. You weld together metal beams used in the construction of roads and bridges, and fuse together steel pipes for pipelines and power plants. Your skills are critical in all kinds of manufacturing. And they would be essential during the country’s infrastructure makeover.

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