How to Use Technology to Study Online

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Technology has changed the way we learn. We can now take classes online, from anywhere at any time. We can Google the topics we study and receive answers in seconds. And we can ditch notebooks and pens because we can take notes with laptops and tablets instead. Technology can also help us study in ways we never thought possible. How do you use technology to study online?

Tools to Help You Learn Online

If you want to succeed in your online program, take advantage of all the online tools out there. You’ll find that there are a lot of technological tools that can help you study, no matter what the subject is or what your goals are. Here are just a few:

  • Online Note Takers: Apps like EverNote or OneNote let you take notes. They can also help you organize them and add to them with features that enable you to draw or write, clip web pages, and add attachments. If you prefer to talk your notes out, there’s even dictation software like Dictation Dragon. There’s no excuse not to have the notes you need when you need them!
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools: Maybe you need to work with a partner or group on an assignment. You can use software likeMicrosoft Teams or Skype for Business to send instant messages to each other, set up video conference calls, share presentations and more.
  • Citation Builders: Do you ever have to do research papers? One of the most dreaded parts of the project is often the bibliography. But now there are online websites, like Easy Bib or Cite This For Me, that can do the hard work for you. With a quick search for the item you want to cite, you can create the citation in less than a minute. Go one step further and download the apps, which generate a citation when you scan a book’s barcode.
  • eBooks at Library: A digital library, that is. You can visit the Digital Public Library of America to search ebooks, videos, images, and even sounds. You can also visit the website of your local library. Most public libraries now let you obtain a card and checkout items online. And your school probably offers its own virtual library with 24/7 access.

Tips to Help You Focus while You Study Online

Technology is a great tool to help you study, but it can also distract you from your work. To stay self-disciplined and focused in your online courses, follow these tips:

  • Turn Off Push Notifications: Can you resist the temptation to click on push notifications? Probably not. Once you do, you fall down the rabbit hole into the world of social media and other online distractions. Only leave notifications on apps that may be important such as email or a calendar that can remind you of deadlines.
  • Block Your Own Access: Did you know you can block access to sites that distract you? Block Site and StayFocused are two types of Google Chrome extensions that allow you to create a list of sites that will distract you. If you try to access them during study time, a screen will pop up that reminds you to study.
  • Change Your Status to “Away”: When you don’t need to use group chat and collaboration apps, change your status to “away” to let your friends know you’re in study mode. Let them know the hours you’re offline for fun so they can contact you when you’re ready to take a break.

Your phone can be a distraction as well, so put it on silent while you study. Find a quiet place to work, away from TVs, video games, or anything else that might distract you.

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