How to Use LinkedIn to Jumpstart Your Career Search

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LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site, and finding a job on LinkedIn could be easier than you think. Quickly creating a profile isn’t the way to put your best foot forward. You need to use LinkedIn the right way, creating an effective profile and consistently checking in to access your expanding connections and job notifications can help you find a job once you complete your career training.

Learn how to find jobs and get noticed on LinkedIn.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Make a good first impression on LinkedIn by having a profile that is complete and optimized. This will give you a better chance of appearing in searches and getting noticed by potential employers. Your name, headline and photo are the only clues a hiring manager has at first glance so make them count.

Create a LinkedIn headline that tells employers what your skills are and how you can help them accomplish their goals, and use a professional headshot that is clear and professional. It’s important to be authentic online. Use LinkedIn as a way to show more than what a resume can. Be concise, honest, and consistent when listing your goals, accomplishments, and skills. Share your passions. Tell them why you’ve chosen the career path you have and how you’re going to excel at it.

Your “Experience” on LinkedIn is your online resume. Use it to highlight the positions you’ve held and responsibilities you’ve had. Be sure to promote times you had leadership roles or jobs that might have transferable skills to your new career. For example, if you worked in food service and now you’re starting a career as a medical assistant, those people skills you mastered waiting tables are transferrable to a bedside manner.

Build Your LinkedIn Network

Once you have a profile you’re proud of, it’s time to find some connections. Reach out to peers and professionals you already know, but don’t be afraid to go even further. Ask your connections for their connections. Does someone you know on LinkedIn have a friend in your field? Request an introduction. You can also reach out to your old employers, past colleagues, and even connect with alumni associated with your college or university. You can also connect with groups that are relevant to your industry and companies you’d like to work for. Choose to receive job notifications that would be a good match to your skills. And follow, like and share content from the important people in your industry. This is also a great way to keep up-to-date with some of the businesses that you’re interested in joining.

Be Consistent and Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn works best when you’re consistently active and keeping your profile up to date. Give yourself small goals to dedicate some time to see if there are more people to connect with or companies that are hiring. Update your experience as you expand your skill set, add certifications, gain experience, and get involved with LinkedIn professional groups. By regularly making small updates to your profile and staying active, you will be more likely to show up when prospective employers are searching.

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