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Today’s criminals don’t need to perform bank heists to steal. The new bad guys in town are cybercriminals and they use the very technologies we all rely on to hack into our accounts, compromise our identities, and steal our hard-earned money. It’s just not right! But what can you do about it?

Become a Cybersecurity Professional

Have you ever considered a career in cybersecurity? It’s an in-demand field with lots of opportunity for someone with drive, ambition, knowledge, and the right training. And now, Charter College can help you explore the profession. Check out our recent eBook: The Essentials of Cybersecurity/Can You Prevent a Cyberattack?

This interesting and informative eBook offers you an inside look at cybercrime and its cost. It also explores the profession of cybersecurity. Learn the types of entry-level jobs that are out there and how you might get your foot in the door to an important career.

Here are a few highlights of what’s covered in our free eBook:

  • Cyberattacks on the Rise
  • Who are Cybercriminals?
  • How Do They Do It?
  • Notable Cybercrime Examples
  • How to Prevent a Cyberattack
  • Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Skills You’ll Need to Work in Cybersecurity
  • Entry-Level Cybersecurity Careers

Why Cybersecurity Is Critical

Did you know there has been a 300% increase in cybercrime since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? And that by 2021 cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion ($6,000,000,000.00) annually? If you think cybercriminals only go after big companies, you’re right—and wrong. When cybercriminals hacked Target by using cash register malware in 2013, they accessed the records of 110 million Target customers. That could have been you! When cybercriminals went after Under Armour in 2018, they accessed the accounts of 150 million users of MyFitnessPal. Imagine using an app and having your username, email address, and password all compromised. But it’s not just about money and individual identities. They can hack into defense systems, interfere with elections, and make false statements appear to be true. That’s why they need to be stopped!

Download Our eBook Today

Maybe you’re just the kind of cyber sleuth who can make a difference. Download the Charter College eBook: The Essentials of Cybersecurity/Can You Prevent a Cyberattack? now! With the right skills, you may be just the person we need to protect us all from cybercrime.