How to Overcome These 3 Online Challenges for Adult Learners

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Are you ready to test the waters of online learning? What a great idea! An advanced education can help you advance your career. And ELearning makes attaining that education more convenient and doable than ever. But before you jump in, you need to recognize the challenges you might face as an adult learner so you can overcome them.

1)Computer Literacy

·         What it is

o   In today’s digital world, computer literacy is more than just the ability to power up a computer and get online. You need to understand a bit about your individual hardware and how it connects to intranets and the internet. More importantly, you need to master the software you’ll use in your online program and then out in the real world.

·         What to do

o   If you’re going to take an online course, you’ll need to embrace a bit of technology. Start by taking intro computer classes at a local school or community center to become familiar with the basics. Use email and practice uploading and downloading files. Try out a couple of programs from the Microsoft Suite like Word or PowerPoint. Even playing games online is a good way to ease into technology.

2)Technology Bias

·         What it is

o   If you learned to navigate the basics of technology on an Apple computer, it may be really difficult to transition to a PC. That difficulty to switch from one brand or technology to another is a bias that’s common with adult learners.

·         What to do

o   Do some research before you begin your online course. Don’t panic about what hardware and software you’ll be expected to use until you know what they are. If you’re not familiar with a platform, find out what features it has. It’s often less about a specific platform and more about general tasks you’d need to do in any online learning. Learn how to save and upload documents, and make entries on forums and discussion boards.

3)Online Anxiety

·         What it is

o   Whether you’re anxious about learning online or just scared about going back to school, anxiety is real—and pretty normal. Trying something new, even when you know it’s the right thing to do for you and your career, can be intimidating.

·         What to do

o   Make a plan. Explore your options. And ask lots of questions. The more you know about online learning and the different kinds of programs that are offered, the more confident you’ll be about your decision.

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