How to Overcome Back-to-School Anxiety

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The decision to go back to school isn’t an easy one, but it’s one that can change your whole life. In just a few short years, or even months, you’ll be ready to embark on a new and rewarding career. But it can feel scary to start something new. Sure, you’ve been to school before, but you’ve never been to college. If you’ve got a case of back-to-school anxiety, here’s how to overcome it.

Find a Support System

To succeed in college, you’ll need the support of friends or family members who can cheer you on during the easy times and motivate you when there are challenges. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support system early on in your journey. Let your family and friends know you’re on the path to a better life. Talk to them about your anxiety and, specifically, what aspects of college make you nervous. Your fears can be eased just by talking about them. Your support system can also give you guidance and advice as well as a boost of confidence to face what lies ahead.

Prepare in Advance

If you wait until the last minute to prepare for your classes, it will only add to your anxiety. You should start to prep about two weeks in advance. That way, you’ll be ready to dive into your schoolwork on the first day. Here are a few steps you can take to get ready:

  • Attend Student Orientation—The student orientation will provide you with important information you’ll need to know for the upcoming school year. It’s also a good chance to ask questions or get clarification on anything you need to know.
  • Create a Schedule—If you plan to take online classes, prepare a virtual learning schedule ahead of time. A schedule will help you stay organized and on top of your work.
  • Buy Supplies—Will you need notebooks, pens, or folders for class? Buy them ahead of time. Make sure your computer has all of the necessary software and meets the Internet and system requirements, especially if you’re an online student.

Connect with Campus Resources

Most college campuses offer student or career services that can help you navigate your college career—and beyond. Connect with these offices early on to find out services they offer and how they can help you. Common services include tutoring, test prep, and success coaching. If you have a program advisor, plan to met with them often to ensure that you stay on track to complete the program. Similarly, if you need help with an assignment, reach out to your instructors. Their job is to help you succeed in the classroom.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember when you started your first day in high school? It was hard, but you got through it, right? Your first day of college will feel the same. You’ll take in a lot of new information and meet a lot of new people, but you’ll adjust just like you did before. Until you adjust, be kind to yourself and take care of your health. Eat well, get enough sleep, and take time to breathe. Balance your schoolwork with family time and rest. Once you get the hang of college life, your anxieties will start to fade away.

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