How to Leverage Your Online Learning in Job Interviews

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Online learning has a lot of advantages—including convenience and flexibility during your program. But did you know that those benefits could also translate well into the workplace? It’s true! If you want to make a good impression on your next job interview, highlight the knowledge and skills you learned during your online program and also the way you learned. The self-motivation, organizational skills, and tech proficiency you needed to succeed in the digital classroom are skills you can leverage in an interview and on the job. Plus, there’s a likelihood that your interview could actually be online. Who’s better prepared than you?

Online Learning Taught You to Be Tech Savvy

You may not be able to put a computer together, but if you’ve taken classes online you know how to use one. Every industry utilizes technology in some way, so it’s good to let employers know what you’ve learned in your virtual program in addition to classroom lessons. If you’ve become proficient in video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype, or if you’ve gained intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Office, highlight it on your resume and share it in the interview. Technology is always evolving, so it’s also appropriate to let employers know you plan to develop your skills further, to keep up with future trends.

You’ve Become Better Organized

Taking meeting notes? Managing medical records? Sounds like a breeze now. Online classes required a lot of organization on your part, from creating your weekly schedule to maintaining a neat and tidy study space. Those organizational skills will be valuable to your employer because it means that they can trust your ability to maintain efficiency and order in the office or in the field.

Online Learning Helped You Become Self-Motivated

To succeed in your online program, you needed to be responsible and self-motivated. What boss doesn’t want those traits in an employee? Instead of waiting to be told what to do, you go out and do it. Being self-motivated means you may also be able to identify areas where you might need new skills. Or maybe you see areas at work that could use a new method or efficiency and you’re willing to take on more responsibility to make it happen. Self-motivation is highly valuable in the workplace and it’s a trait that you’ll learn in a virtual environment. You won’t have the pressure of a face-to-face environment to motivate you to complete your work. You’ll have to motivate yourself to stay on schedule and keep track of your assignments.

You’re a Better Multitasker After an Online Program

The fact that you even enrolled in a virtual program means that you probably needed to work around your family or work schedule. This shows that you’re already a multitasker. Every job has its hectic days, and you’ll need to juggle multiple tasks, oftentimes under a deadline. So, when you’re on a job interview, be sure to give an example of a time when you had to study for an exam, listen to a lecture, take the kids to school and then head off to work—all in one day! If you can show that you know how to manage multiple tasks, while remaining cool under pressure, you’ll win some points in the interview.

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