How to Keep from Getting Discouraged on the Job Hunt

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You’ve filled out dozens of applications, gone on an interview or two, but you still haven’t received the call. Now you feel discouraged and are ready to throw in the towel. Don’t give up yet—your dream job could be on the horizon. Reset your attitude and take a look at what you’re doing. Maybe all you need are some small adjustments to your approach so the employer you want will approach you.

Get Feedback on Your Resume

Update your resume, but before you do, reach out and get some feedback on what you already have. Have a friend, family member, or professional from the field you hope to enter review it. What’s good about it and what could use some improvement? Are there misspellings and typos? That can deter some employers right away. Is it organized clearly and easy to read? Did you forget to add your most recent job or some newly acquired skills? A second pair of eyes can detect any weaknesses in your resume that may have snuck by you.

Look in Different Places for a Job

You’ve created accounts on online job boards, and you check them like clockwork every day. But if you continue to look in the same places, you’ll never know what gems could be hidden somewhere else. Use these tips to expand your job search:

  • Use Different Keywords—If you’d like to be a medical office assistant, for example, don’t simply search for “medical office assistant.” That may only bring up job posts that contain those exact keywords. But job titles vary from business to business, so search for similar titles such “medical office secretary,” and “healthcare administrative assistant.” The more keywords you try, the more likely you may be to find something you’ve missed on previous searches.
  • Use Google Maps—Not all companies post on the big job boards. Use Google maps to search for local companies in your area that you’d like to work for. The results will include links to their websites, where they may have posted open positions.
  • Network—You’ve probably already hit up your current list of contacts to see if they know of any available jobs. Now it’s time to widen your network. Look for professional groups that you can join, either in person or online, that relate to the field you want to enter.

Research Your Industry to Prepare for Job Interviews

The more you know about your industry, the more you’ll be prepared to join it. Take the time to learn all you can about the field. What is going on in the industry right now? Sign up for industry newsletters—some may include job listings—and you never know when the information will come in handy during a job interview.

Take a Breath and Relax During the Job Search

Take some time out from the job search for yourself. Relax a little. Take a walk. It’s easy to feel discouraged or frustrated when the job hunt is all you focus on. Remind yourself why you’re looking for a new job in the first place. Is it for you, your family, your kids? You probably already have a lot to be thankful for. Appreciate it. And pat yourself on the back for all you’ve already accomplished.

Enroll in a Career Training Program

If you don’t have the full range of skills employers are looking for, it may be time to acquire them. At Charter College, we offer career training programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, and some of the Trades. Call us at 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more. You’ll learn new skills and have something to add to your resume that might help you stand out from the competition.