How Health Information Technology (HIT) Has a Language of Its Own

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Do you have a knack for computers? The medical field needs people like you who are good with technology. Health Information Technology (HIT) uses a unique language of its own to record patient information and you’ll need to become fluent!

HIT uses all sorts of acronyms, abbreviations, and medical terminology to record information and protect patient privacy. With a combination of computer skills and medical knowledge, you’ll maintain medical records, code for procedures, and submit billing information.

As a Health Information Technician, you’ll need to learn medical basics. Most of all, you’ll need to be able to code this information into a computerized system. You’ll need to speak the lingo to effectively communicate with health professionals, insurance companies, and patients.

Technology and computers play an important role in the healthcare system. The health information exchange (HIE) gives healthcare providers electronic access to your medical information. Electronic health records (EHRs), also called electronic medical records, make your information readily available to doctors, nurses, EMTs, and others who might provide you with care. With this system, your doctor can safely share lab results and blood tests with a specialist. Doctors and pharmacists can use e-prescribing to electronically prescribe and fill medication. You can also keep track of your own information and ensure it’s accurate through personal health records (PHRs). Access to PHRs help you make informed decisions about your health, which can improve your overall quality of life.1

The HIE is an efficient way to provide quality medical care using a universal language. Healthcare professionals, including Health Information Technicians, speak this language and you could too! You’ll use a coding system to classify diseases and document medical history.2 If you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare, health information technology could be the right career choice for you. Do you want to put your computer know-how to good use? You can with a career as a Health Information Technician.

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