How to Handle Back-to-College Anxiety During COVID

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From the time you were a little kid, you probably got butterflies in your stomach when school started. But in the midst of a global pandemic, they may be more like bats banging against your insides. You may be worried about getting COVID-19 or the vaccine. Or maybe you’re unsure about the safety measures your school will take. Or you’re stressed out about the precautions you need to take. There’s a lot to think of when you step back onto campus. But it’s nice to know if it’s all too much for you now, there are always online programs. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it let us know we can all learn online.

The best way to handle anxiety is to be well-educated about your school, its policies, and procedures, and to pay attention when things shift.

Learn the COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines for Your College

One of the best ways to ease your fears is to find out what you can expect from your college. What are the rules and guidelines you’ll need to follow? Check out your school’s website to find out what their COVID-19 regulations are. For example, what are the requirements if you are exposed to COVID or become ill. Do you need to notify the school and quarantine for a certain period of time? Your school will outline whom you need to contact, how long you should quarantine, and what you’ll need to do to be cleared to return to class.

You’ll also need to know what your school’s rules are concerning face masks and vaccinations. You may be required to wear masks in labs or you might need proof of vaccination to participate in an externship. Gather as much information as you can so little surprises won’t upset you. The pandemic was a big enough surprise for us all.

Pack the Necessary Supplies

In addition to your normal school supplies like a laptop, notebooks, pens, and textbooks, make sure you have COVID supplies. That might include extra masks and hand sanitizer, but also consider adding water and snacks in case it’s harder to access a cafeteria. If your program requires labs, make sure you understand where to get your PPE and how to don it properly.

Set a Routine to Reduce COVID Anxiety

Research shows that a regular daily routine can reduce anxiety and help you feel calmer. A routine can also help you feel more in control of your day. Create a schedule that you can stick to each day and be sure to build in breaks for self-care. Even ten minutes for meditation can calm you and help you refocus.

Eat Well and Rest

It’s easy to let anxiety get in the way of self-care. But taking care of yourself will help you stay calm in trying situations and focus on the bigger picture. Eat well, drink lots of water throughout the day, and try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Exercise when you can, even if it’s just walking a flight of stairs instead of taking an elevator. And remember what’s really important in your life and be appreciative of all you have.

Take Online Classes During COVID

If the stress of in-person classes is too much, remember that online programs can help you continue your education or train for a new career. You can complete your coursework from the comfort of your own home, and you won’t have to worry about COVID guidelines or about coming in close contact with teachers or classmates. Online classes can also help you gain better control over your daily routine without sacrificing what you want to accomplish in the classroom and in your career.

At Charter College, we offer a variety of online programs in Business, Health Care, and Information Technology. Classes are enrolling now. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form for more information.