How to Do Better in College Than You Did in High School

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If you didn’t graduate at the top of your class in high school, that doesn’t mean you can’t do well in college. In fact, you may do better in college than you did in high school because now you’re the one in charge of your education. You get to choose what program you take, and how, where, and when you’ll study. You’re also more mature and you probably know the value of being proactive. If you want to do better in college, start with a great attitude, a plan, and a schedule.

Have a Positive Outlook

Whether you’re going for an associate degree or bachelor’s degree, you’ll increase your chances for success if you start out with the right attitude. Commit to your program and focus on the end goal. Plan for success. Don’t be afraid to let everyone know what you’re doing and ask for support. You’ve got this!

Create a Study Schedule

Your online instructors won’t treat you like a kid—because you’re not one. That means you need to create your own study schedule, set goals and follow through. Whether you’re on campus or online, plan time to do your work. For example, you might set aside Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons to work on assignments and discussion posts. Then, Tuesday and Thursday evenings could be the time you complete your readings and study for exams. And if you work or have family responsibilities, you’ll need to fit your school schedule to your life’s schedule.

Find a Study Buddy

If you have trouble with motivation, find a study buddy. It could be a friend, a family member, or another student from your class. Your study buddy can help you stay on track with your schedule, and also help you learn the material. They can quiz you with flash cards or listen to you talk through the material. If you want to study and build connections with your peers, find a study group on campus or online. Or, if you really want to take charge of your college experience, create your own study group. You could help others as much as yourself.

Ask Questions

When you come up against a topic that even your study group can’t grasp, it’s time to ask for help. If you feel hesitant to raise your hand in class, email your instructor with your questions. See if you can visit them during office hours or set up a video conference to get a little extra tutoring. There’s no shame in asking for help—your teachers want you to learn the material and they want to see you succeed. And don’t forget that they were once students too. They had to learn everything from scratch just like you.

Access Student and Career Services

Take advantage of the resources available to you at your school. At Charter College, you can get student success coaching for help with coursework, test prep, and lab specialties. And our Career Services team can help you prepare for your new career once you finish your program. We’ll help you retool your resume, write a cover letter, and prepare for a job interview when the time comes.

Are you ready to start a new chapter of your education? At Charter College, we offer a variety of programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, and some of the Trades. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.