How Can Hands-On Learners Succeed in Online Programs?

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Are you one of those learners who really can’t sit down for long periods of time and listen to a lecture? You’re hardly alone! We all have different styles of learning and if you learn best by doing (a kinesthetic learner), you may think you can’t take an online program. But the flexibility and convenience of eLearning has so many benefits, you might also feel like you’re missing out. You don’t need to. Here are 5 ways even a hands-on learner like you can succeed in an Online Program:

1. Embrace the Technology of Online Programs

Thanks to technology, you can connect with your classmates even if you don’t attend weekly lectures on campus. Take advantage of your program’s online portal to regularly interact with your instructor and classmates. If you have trouble grasping a concept, ask for help before you fall behind. You can even use the portal to have virtual study sessions with classmates or to collaborate on group work. And if the technology ever malfunctions, reach out to IT support to find out what’s going on.

2. Meet with Your Online Instructor

With the right instructor, your online classroom experience can be a lot like an in-classroom one. Dedicated and knowledgeable instructors reach out, make an effort to get to know you, and try to connect with you even if they never meet you in person. But you need to do your part. Reach out to them through your online portal or by email and be sure to attend their virtual office hours when you need a bit of individualized attention. If you check in regularly, you won’t feel like some anonymous number and your instructor will better understand your learning style. Your effort will also show your instructor that you’re willing to put in some extra work to be successful.

3. Choose Where You Take Your Online Courses Carefully

One of the great things about online learning is that you can do it practically anywhere. But as a kinesthetic learner, you’ll want to consider more than just convenience. You’ll want to create the perfect online learning space for you. Sure, it needs to be well-organized with all your supplies, but you may need to add extra kinesthetic components. Have you ever used a standing desk? Or a balance ball chair? They’re great for people who concentrate better when they’re in motion.

4. Choose When You Attend Online Lectures

Of course, there will be test times and due dates for assignments in your online program. But for lectures and homework, it’s up to you to choose when you’re most productive. Whether you’re a morning or night person, attend your online lecture at the time that’s right for you. You can even be moving when you do it! Pop in the earbuds or don the headphones and go for a walk. Bring a notebook along to jot down key ideas. If something doesn’t make sense to you, listen to the lecture again for clarity and pause to make sure you don’t miss anything while you take notes. You may also want to opt for variety. Sync what you learn with where you learn. For example, if you need to memorize ethical principles for your Business Administration program, do it in a different room from when you’re learning about entrepreneurship.

5. Engage All Your Senses with an Online Program

Did you know that your sense of smell can be a great memory trigger?1 Use that to your advantage. Add distinct odors to your study sessions. Diffuse essential oils into your study space, using different scents for different lessons. Maybe cedarwood is perfect for lectures on international business, while computer troubleshooting demands a more mentally stimulating scent like peppermint or coffee.

For visual effects, create notes using brightly colored Post-its that you can arrange on a wall for study sessions that are interactive. Got a concept down? Move it to one section of the wall. Stuck on a few? Keep them stuck where they are. Drawing sketches, diagrams, and mind maps can also help kinesthetic learners like you connect a movement to a memory.

Sure, the virtual classroom is something different, but don’t be afraid. Online learning is not as scary as you might think. At Charter College, our online programs will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. You can prepare online for careers in such fields as business, healthcare, and information technology. Get started today!