Here’s How to Get to Know Your Online Learning Platform

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If you plan to take an online program, you might wonder how it will work. How will you learn all you need to know only through a computer? It’s not difficult, at all! Today’s online learning platforms allow for flexible learning that’s interactive and personal. And while your platform might be different from another school’s, they all have some common components. These platforms tend to be easy to learn, navigate, and understand. Here’s what to look for in yours:

Virtual Classrooms 

Virtual classrooms are pretty cool. Imagine a cyber version of a traditional classroom, only with students and teachers represented as avatars who communicate through interactive voice recordings. On most platforms, you can watch lectures from your living room, talk to classmates through Skype, and review resources repeatedly once the content has been uploaded.  In an online environment, virtual classrooms allow you to take advantage of traditional course methods, but in a way and at times that are convenient to you.

Asynchronous Classrooms

It’s a mouthful to say out loud, but asynchronous classrooms (ay-sync-ro-nus—phew!) are similar to virtual classrooms in that they offer digital interactions, but they put the learning more in the hands of the student. For example, an instructor may ask a question in an online forum and give you a week to respond. This is more of a hands-off approach, but it allows for more flexibility to respond at your own pace.

Customizable Dashboard

Digital dashboards are all about accessibility. And you can use them to your advantage: submit assignments, post to forums, manage folders of class materials, keep up on schedules and events, check grades, review syllabi, and update your profile. You can also manage multiple classes to keep yourself organized. If online programs make learning easy, customizable dashboards put learning at your fingertips.

Adaptable to Mobile

Today, lots of your daily activities are probably conducted on mobile devices. This is a good thing when it comes to online learning. Programs are convenient because you can set up in a coffee shop or library and take your class; later, you can submit your paper or assignment. But mobile learning gives you much more. You don’t need to be tied to a WIFI connection in order to do work. You can put the finishing touches on a project when you ride the bus. A good program will have an interface that’s as easy to use on a laptop or desktop as it is on a tablet or smartphone.

Online learning has lots of benefits. It can help you advance your career with what you’ll learn in your program, while also being convenient and flexible. You can choose a program that best fits your schedule, without worrying about juggling work, social life, and school. At Charter College, we offer online programs in Business, Health Care, and Information Technology. We even have an Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology program designed for trade professionals.  And through our online learning platform, you can learn what you need and still develop useful relationships with your instructors and fellow coursemates.  If you’re ready to take the first step toward a better career, contact Charter College today.