Healthcare Careers in California – How to Start

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Healthcare careers in California are important, vibrant, diverse, and in demand. Imagine entering this dynamic field without going to medical school or spending years and years training. It’s possible! Many entry-level healthcare careers in California are accessible with certificates and associate degrees. Here are some ways you might break into the California healthcare industry:

Help California Patients as Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant, you help doctors and other medical professionals treat patients. You perform patient intake, take vital signs, and calm nervous patients as they settle in for their appointments. You handle medical office work, such as setting appointments, answering calls, updating medical records, and working in billing and coding. You also get to educate patients on how to follow doctor’s orders and stay healthy.

You can complete a Medical Assistant certificate program in as few as 10 months and acquire the skills and knowledge you need to enter the field. Demand for Medical Assistants is projected to grow faster than average, and California has one of the highest employment levels for this position in the country.

Bring a Smile to California Faces as a Dental Assistant

Another healthcare position with a bright outlook in California is Dental Assisting. As a Dental Assistant, you help dentists treat patients. You take dental impressions and x-rays, work chairside with the dentist, keep tools and equipment sterile, and help patients feel comfortable. You can also teach your patients about the importance of good dental hygiene. And you perform administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, answering calls and emails, and helping patients complete paperwork.

To become a Dental Assistant in California, complete a Dental Assisting program and obtain a Registered Dental Assistant License. California has one of the highest employment levels in the nation.

Become a Medical Biller and Coder in California

Maybe you love the idea of working in healthcare but aren’t wild about direct patient care. As a Medical Biller or Coder, you help ensure that patients get the medical coverage they’re entitled to while the provider you work for gets paid. Although most Medical Biller and Coders work for medical facilities, you might also find work at a California insurance company. Demand for Medical Billers and Coders is expected to grow faster than average though the decade and no other state in the nation employs more Medical Billers and Coders than California. The state also boasts among the top salary levels for the occupation.

You can earn an Associate Degree in Medical Billing and Coding online in as few as 15 months. To prepare you for entry-level work, your program should cover such topics as:

  • Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement
  • Processing and Coding
  • Medical Insurance
  • Electronic Health Records
  • The Healthcare System
  • Medical Terminology
  • Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare and Health Information

Work In Medical Office Administration in California

Do you have strong organizational and interpersonal skills? You could break into the healthcare field as a Medical Office Administrative Assistant. In this role, you often work in the front office of a medical practice, doctor’s office, clinic, or department. You communicate with patients and staff, coordinate schedules, set appointments, and handle the paperwork of a medical office. You greet patients, update medical records, and make sure everything runs smoothly. From ordering office supplies, to conferring with providers and insurance companies about coverage, you’re the go-to person for clerical work. A certificate program in Medical Office Administration can provide you with the fundamental concepts you need to do well. Depending on the practice specialization, you may also need to develop an ability to communicate with the appropriate medical terminology for the specialty so you can accurately provide information to patients.

Join the Growing Medical Field in California

Healthcare workers are essential to the lives of others and are valued in society. If you want a career that combines strong technical skills, interpersonal skills, and medical knowledge, the healthcare space could be the perfect fit for you.

At Charter College, we offer a variety of healthcare degrees and certifications to help kickstart your work in the concentration of your choice. Our California locations offer certificates in both Medical Assistant and Dental Assisting to prepare you for an entry-level career in as few as 10 months. Other programs may be completed online. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.