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Did you know that there is an important healthcare role at the center of activity on a hospital unit or department that doesn’t require you to perform direct patient care? As a Health Unit Coordinator, you could be at “communications central.”

Find out more about this role by downloading the new  Charter College eBook:  Communications Central: What Does a Health Unit Coordinator Do?​

 What’s in the Health Unit Coordinator eBook?

If you want to help others in a medical field without treating patients, the role of Health Unit Coordinator might be right for you. Check out our eBook to find out more.  You’ll learn about:

  •  Traits  You Will Need to Succeed in the Profession
  • Responsibilities You Might Have
  • Where You Might Work
  • How You Could Train for the Career
  • How To Become Certified

The eBook even provides some history about the role. For example, did you know they weren’t always called Health Unit Coordinators? In fact, even today, the Health Unit Coordinator goes by lots of different names. Find out what they are.

 Download our eBook now!

Check out the eBook and then consider the career. Charter College offers an online Certificate in Health Unit Coordinator program that you could complete in as little as 10 months. ​ We provide you with the technical training you need for entry level employment in this rewarding field. And the program courses are taught completely online.  Don’t have a computer?  We’ll provide you with one!!​

For  more information about  the  Charter College Certificate in Health Unit Coordinator program  and all our Health Care programs, fill out the form. Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of others?  We’re ready to make a difference in yours! Get started today.