Have You Thought of These 3 Interesting Welding Careers?

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Welders are invaluable trades men and women who work in virtually every industry. From construction and manufacturing to science and industry, the need for people who can skillfully join metals together or make metal repairs is ongoing.

If you’ve ever thought of a welding career, here are three interesting career specialties that you may not have considered:

Pipeline installation: Are you familiar with the Trans Alaska pipeline?1 That 800 mile Alaskan engineering feat required thousands of welders working for years on end to complete.2 Pipeline installers use superheated metals to join pipe segments together that can withstand continuous pressure from the oil coursing inside the pipe and extreme weather conditions and temperatures outside it. Even today, welders are on duty at the Trans Alaska pipeline to assist with maintenance and repairs, but also at pipelines all over the world that bring gas and oil to businesses and homes.

NASCAR Fabrication: You probably know that automobiles require large teams of welders in the manufacturing process, but most cars aren’t designed to whip around tracks at speeds exceeding 200 MPH. NASCAR racers’ lives depend on the quality and strength of the welds that hold their cars together.3 Welds that join the tubes that make up the cars’ frames and roll cages must be perfectly placed and secure enough to withstand the force of crashes at crazy high speeds.

Ship Building and Repair: Welders don’t just help build the colossal steel structures that are at the heart of modern ship building. They’re also vital to proper ship maintenance and repair. Welders sometimes travel the world on ships so that repairs can be performed whenever they’re needed out at sea. Imagine being afloat in the Pacific Ocean when expert repairs can’t be performed for lack of a skilled welder! Whether you’re a welder on a cruise ship or an aircraft carrier, your skills could be vital to the safe passage of the vessel.

If you’d like a career where the options of how you use your skills are wide open, consider a career as a welder. At Charter College, you can earn your welding certificate in our blended learning program in as little as 10 months. Ready to change your life? Start here.

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