Getting Your Feet Wet in the Business World

Great Careers Start Here

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Are you thinking about a career in business? There are so many ways you could get there because there are so many different kinds of businesses! If you have the passion to succeed and are ready to begin on a business path, here are 5 steps to find a career in business:
Decide if your natural abilities match what a business career might demand of you. If the thought of working as a professional in an office environment appeals to you, you’re part way there. Are you a good problem solver with fine attention to detail? Those are two traits you’ll need to succeed in business. You’ll also need to be a good team player who is dedicated to working for the good of the whole company. And you’ll definitely need to become familiar with the modern technology that is a part of every successful business today.
Explore the kinds of business careers that might interest you. Start by observing the people and businesses you interact with every day. Look at job postings to get an idea of all that might be available to you. Retail is a business. So is finance. Talk to professionals you know and ask them what they do, where they do it and what they like about their jobs. And think about what you already love to do. Some of the biggest and best businesses started when people turned their passion into their careers to run their own businesses.
Consider the paths you might take. If you’re well organized you might want to get your feet wet in the business world by starting off as an administrative assistant. Many great careers were launched when people just like you started as secretaries for the boss. If you’re really good with numbers, you could focus on bookkeeping or accounting. And if you are thinking you might want to become an executive someday or even run your own business, then you’ll want a well-rounded education in business administration.
Investigate the college programs that focus on business. Whatever career path you choose in business, you’ll want a program that gives you a solid foundation in business fundamentals. You’ll want to learn about project management, data driven decision making and strategic planning and implementation. Lessons in entrepreneurship can help you think creatively whether you’re working for someone else or building your own business. And understanding employer rules and regulations and the importance of effective conflict management can help you gain leadership skills to build your career.
Get a job and study while you work. There is no better way to really find out if you’re ready for the business world than to jump right in! Even part-time employment in a business setting will help you become familiar with the opportunities that may be available to you. If you can find a flexible career training program that will allow you to work while you learn, you’ll be able to bring your training into the real world right away!
Charter College offers fast-track, flexible certificate and degree programs in business including certificates in business administration and office administration; an associate and bachelor degree in business administration and a master degree in business administration. If you want to change your life with a career in business, check out all Charter College has to offer!