Getting Your Computer or IT Degree Online: A Natural Fit

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Online learning programs offer many advantages, so they continue to grow more and more popular across all disciplines. Doesn’t it make sense that you could earn a degree in computers on your computer? Online degree programs are a natural fit for an information technology education whether you’re pursuing a certificate or a degree. Learn more about online computer and IT degrees to see if you’re a match.

Online Computer Degree Programs Cover all the Basics of IT

Information technology programs focus on the hardware—all they physical parts of your computer—and the software—all the programs and applications—and how they interface. Important coursework will probably cover the basics of computer language and operating systems such as Linux, and also specific networking systems such as Cisco’s local area networks (LAN) or wide area networks (WAN).

You could also learn about web programming and design, database development and management, mobile and cloud applications, and project management. You’ll learn about network security and the principles and ethics of the IT industry. It’s hands-on learning, and you’ll do all of it online!

Connect with IT Professionals through Online Classes

Because your classroom is virtual doesn’t mean you won’t get to know your instructors and classmates. Online forums and posting areas help you stay connected. You can submit all your assignments online and have “conversations” with your fellow students. You can also reach out to your teachers, most of whom are IT professionals, via email with your questions and concerns. With the right skills, determination and strategies to manage your online courses, you can learn all you need to become an IT professional online.

Apply Your IT and Computer Skills Directly to Your Career

One of the real advantages to online learning is that you can do it at a pace that will enable you to begin or advance your career as quickly as possible. Fast track programs that allow you to build your education upon a foundation you’ve already laid let you apply your new knowledge right away.

Also, since online courses offer flexible schedules, you don’t have to put your career on old. Work while you learn! You can work full time and still take online classes that could help you break into the IT field or advance a career you’re already pursuing.

Are you ready to start or advance your IT career? Charter College offers multiple IT and computer programs that are available online.