Georgia Wadman: From Diploma to Degree

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Having children can motivate you to do just about anything. Because she wanted to create a better life for her son, Georgia Wadman took a chance on herself. 

Most of Georgia’s life, she had regretted not finishing high school. She had been a good student and gotten good grades, but in her sophomore year, Georgia hit some significant roadblocks and dropped out of school. In spite of the adversities she faced, she always managed to persevere and provide for her loved ones. But she knew she could do more, be better, go further. The question was where to start? 

Georgia Wadman - Medical Assistant

Choosing a Path to Higher Education

Georgia was searching on the internet about how she might get her GED while also pursuing higher education when she came across Charter College right in her hometown of Billings, Montana. She called them and asked what they offered. She was interested in the medical field, but what could she possibly do without a high school diploma? A lot more than she ever imagined! Charter College could help her.  

“Once I found out about Charter, I told them I didn’t complete my high school education. That’s when they informed me about their Education Path program,” says Georgia. 

Hearing that she could train to become a Medical Assistant at Charter College while earning her high school diploma at the same time reignited her passion for learning and she got started on her career training. 

Choosing the Charter College Family

Raising a child and taking two programs instead of one, Georgia definitely had a lot on her plate. But she says Charter was a perfect fit. She wanted small classes and hands-on learning. That’s exactly what Charter College offered. 

“I know I could’ve completed my programs online, but I knew the more hands-on learning I got the more experience I’d have,” says Georgia. “That’s one of the big reasons I chose Charter.”   

Another reason Charter was a match she only discovered after she started. Georgia gives a lot of credit to the faculty and staff for her success at the school. Throughout the program, she says she had amazing instructors who seemed to really care about her success.   

“Charter is like a family,” says Georgia. “Everyone I’ve met on campus has been so helpful and the instructors will bend over backwards to help you if they can.”  

One Medical Assistant instructor in particular, Teather Askin, has always tried to make herself available for Georgia and the rest of her students, whether she was on campus or at home after hours. Georgia says that she has such a strong bond with Teather that she considers her more of a mentor than just a teacher. Georgia says Teather cares about all her students; she even bought her students treats before they began their externships! 

Georgia Continues Her Charter Education

Georgia planned to finish up her program, complete her externship, and start her career, but could she do even more? She went back to Teather to ask for advice and was encouraged to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assistant. Georgia says that Teather gave her confidence about what she could truly achieve and that was a major reason for working toward a degree.  

Today, Georgia is in the second module of her associate degree program and works for Bella Terra Medical Residences. It’s given her a lot to think about for her long-term career. She’s fallen in love with the clinical setting. With her new skillset, she hopes to work in pediatrics down the road. In the short term, Georgia wants to use the leadership skills she’s gained from her Medical Assistant program to become a lead MA in one of the neighboring facilities in her area.  

Have you thought about a career in the healthcare industry as a Medical Assistant? Check out the Charter College Medical Assistant Program or give us a call at 888-200-9942 to learn more about the programs offered.