Finding Success through her Charter College Education: Natalya Fomina

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Well-educated in her home country of Ukraine, Natalya Fomina knew she needed more training if she was going to find success in the United States. She enrolled in a university’s online program, but says that it didn’t provide enough individualized attention and support. It was also slow-going.

It took me less time to complete my entire associate’s degree at Charter College than it took me to take just six classes at university,” said Natalya, “and the instructors were supportive and encouraging and helpful at Charter.”

Natalya says her instructors at Charter College were great. They cared about her and kept in touch with her even after she completed her program.

“When I got a promotion, my instructor was the first person I called,” said Natalya, “not my husband or my kids. And she told me she was proud of me.”

Natalya acknowledges that her program wasn’t “easy.” There were times she’d be up until 2:00 in the morning doing homework that was due that day, times she even broke down in tears. But she said she didn’t give up.

Today, Natalya works for the State of Alaska as an accountant technician. She says she does a little bit of everything. She handles audits and contracts, budgets and billings.

“I don’t like my job,” said Natalya, “I love it!”

Natalya also knows that her hard work wasn’t lost on her family. Her husband was supportive throughout and is very proud of her, and she feels like she set a good example for her children, who all went on to college.

“Sometimes what we tell kids, they forget,” said Natalya, “but they always remember what they see. They saw what I was doing, how hard I was working.”

Natalya says they also saw the results. She’s working at a job she loves and still looking to the future. She is currently studying for her Certified Public Accountant exam. She wants to continue to work for the State but hopes to advance her career as she advances her skills and training.

For those considering a Charter College education, Natalya says it’s definitely worth it, but like anything worthwhile, it takes effort and perseverance.

“Don’t give up,” she said, “your life will be better.”

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