East Wenatchee Holds Graduation Ceremony

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Charter College East Wenatchee hosted its annual graduation ceremony at the Red Lion Hotel on Friday, August 24 for 45 students.

East Wenatchee Campus President David Barshes was joined on stage by Medical Assistant Instructors Mary DeWolf and Cynthia Bazan; Career Services Officer Sarah Garza; and Student Academic Advisors Haley Helland and Brandy Ingalsbe. Cori Zambrano, a Medical Assistant student, provided the Spanish translation for the ceremony.

“Graduation is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do,” Barshes said. “It marks the end of one accomplishment for our students and the beginning of another – finding satisfaction and meaning in careers they find fulfilling.”

Graduates Jamie Mabes, Colleen Mutchler, Michelle Studeman and Carina Perez-Rau addressed the audience of more than 400 family members and guests and shared their thoughts on Charter College, graduation and their futures.

“Within the first week of being in the Medical Assistant program, I knew this was the best decision that I made for myself, my career, my future and my family,” Studeman said. “I am doing something that I love and am passionate about.”

“The Medical Assistant program at Charter College helped me to gain valuable skills that I have been able to apply in my new career. And for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I’m happy to go to work every day,” Mabes shared.

“I enrolled in the Medical Assistant program because I knew I needed to do something worth my time, and because I want to be a positive influence for my daughter,” said Mutchler. “I completed the program and am now working as a medical assistant at Confluence Health. Achieving my career goal has been a wonderful experience.”

Perez-Rau shared that she has started working for Dr. Ellen Mateo, a pediatrician who specializes in helping children on the autism spectrum. “It was an amazing feeling knowing that she wanted me to work for her,” she shared.


Certificate in Medical Assistant

  •  Maritza Avila Aguirre-Lopez
  • Jennifer Blades
  • Cheyanne Carlson**
  • Jaspreet Cheema*
  • Marianna Conner
  • Ana DePaz**
  • Emily Dilly
  • Stephanie Grubb
  • Lindey Hageman Gorman*
  • Kristina Hayes
  • Wanda Hembd*
  • Tina Jack
  • Brittany Killgore**
  • Jamie Mabes**
  • Julieta Martinez*
  • Jennifer Mendoza Garcia
  • Gracie Meneses
  • Angela Miranda*
  • Colleen Mutchler**
  • Carina Perez-Rau
  • Alicia Pont*
  • Ester Ramirez
  • Jovanna Reynaga
  • Jennifer Rice*
  • Melanie Rosentreter*
  • Richard Rutherford
  • Guadalupe Sanchez
  • Yesenia Sanchez
  • Shawn Sheldon
  • Alyssa Sikes*
  • Michelle Studeman**
  • Ruby Sutherlin**
  • Francisca Tafoya*
  • Karen Tellez
  • Jasmine Vargas-Ilagor
  • Jessica Vera*

Associates of Applied Science in Allied Health (through Charter College Vancouver)

  • Kelly Armstrong
  • Evelia Belman
  • William Hayes
  • Tina Jack
  • Teisha Lounsbury**
  • Vanessa Mora
  • Amber Tillman**
  • Annemarie Vazquez

Certificate in Business Office Administration & Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration (through Charter College Vancouver)

  • Melissa Fox**

*Graduated with Honors, a cumulative grade point average of 3.7 or higher.

**President’s Award Recipient: Graduated with a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 (Certificate programs) or 3.9 or higher (Associate programs).

The Charter College East Wenatchee campus opened in 2015 to offer residents of North Central Washington hands-on career training in the medical assisting field. Their innovative Blended Learning curriculum combines hands-on classroom experience with online course work, offering students more flexibility with their schedules, and allowing them to work and manage family life. More than 100 students have earned Medical Assistant certificates in the last three years.