Computer Information Science: The Practical Side of Technology

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Whether or not you realize it, computer information science touches your life every day. When you log on to the Internet or use the apps on your phone, that’s computer information science in action. As such, the computer information science field continues to grow.

Computer information science is all about being useful and uncomplicated; practical. It’s such a part of your everyday life that you don’t realize all the work it does! Are you interested in computers and technology? Learn more about computer information science to see if you’re a fit.

Virtualization Is the Future of Computer Information Science

Smart watches, smart cars, smart everything! Virtualization (creating a pretend world around something real) is growing all around us and is meant to improve on our day-to-day lives. You can pull information from the internet just by speaking into a virtual assistant (you know, Alexa and Siri). This type of artificial intelligence changes the way we leverage computer science and information systems.

You can use simulations to learn the skills of your job. It’s awesome! Virtualization combines creativity and a passion for making things better. It also requires a combined knowledge of coding, programs, and systems.

How Computer Systems Administration Affects Information Technology

Computer systems administration might sound kind of boring but it puts you on the front lines of IT. All organizations use systems; they could be security, or maybe an operating system (think Windows, Android, or Apple’s iOS). The organization and its clients rely on these systems to run without a glitch.

If you work in computer systems administration, you’d be part of a team that keeps an eye on the systems, protecting against potential threats like viruses or unauthorized people. You champion systems analysis projects that are cutting-edge.

Program Analysis and Computer Information Science

Two big principles for program analysis are improvement and efficiency. Can you think of ways to combine these principles? Can you make processes and information flow smoothly? In education this might mean organizing student data to recognize admissions patterns. In government, it might escalate citizen comments and concerns to the correct department. In healthcare, it could provide medical professionals with the correct patient history.

If you’d like to make a practical impact, consider a degree in Computer Information Science. It could bring together your interests and abilities in new technology, patterns, and problem solving. At Charter College, you could earn your B.S. in Computer Information Systems online in as little as two years. Fill out the form to receive more information about Charter College, our B.S. in Computer Information Systems, or any of our online programs.